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  1. We don't really know, when my grandpa bought it in 1961, it had black paint on all the copperparts, but the car looked like this, except the paintjob. They also found out that it was made from copper. The car has been covered in a garage for the latest 20-something years. So that's why we dont have so much knowledge about it A few months ago, a swedish magazine wrote an article about it, and tried to find more info from france, but they didn't find anything that we already knew.
  2. Hm not sure if this is what you mean by coachbuilders plate, but if not it, I'ts atleast a picture from the inside!
  3. Hey guys, we have a Voisin c7 in our family, with a body of copper, but we dont have any documentation before 1961, or atleast something around that time. But we would gladly get our hands on more information about the car. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! This car is in Sweden btw.
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