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  1. im sorry im talking about the alternator
  2. How many amps will my stock 71 charger 318 have? I need looking to upgrade it a bit without burning unnecessary money. anybody know? Thanks, Doug
  3. What is the best exhaust to get for my 71 charger? I want it to have that deep choppy sound. any opinions?
  4. Would it hurt the value of my 71 charger 500 if I replaced the original 318 with a larger engine?
  5. I just bought a 71 charger 500, I'm 18 and need advice on what I should do to it too enhance performance and what not. First, she needs a new exhaust however, I've been looking at brands such as flowmaster and magnaflow, and each system sounds good at an idle, but not when the RPM's are high, any advice on what I should do to give it that classic deep choppy rumble? Second, she's painted the original citrus yella color however, there's some body rust that I have to tackle so shes going to need a paint job, would it hurt the value to paint it a different color?