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  1. Agree. Plastic now brittle, cracking, and snapping into pieces.
  2. Opps - Sorry - It was Bob F from Tampa. Made assumption with Username. But I do follow BobFitz comments and recommendations.
  3. Car is up and running. BobFitz hooked me up with Joe W. from Naples. Miracle Man. Knew some "starter" tricks and it turned over. Thanks to all who made this happen. Great site! We're T.C. newbies, but up and running. Our new Florida Fun car!
  4. Just inherited this low mileage Chrysler Maserati from my father. Car was working and driven to Naples, FL. Let sit for approximately 4 weeks and now will not turn over. Lights/radio/antenna working so thinking it might need new starter????. Anyone have recommendations for maintenance or service in this area?? Chrysler Dealership is not interested in servicing. One Imports dealer recommended a restorer. Any leads on types of serviceman to investigate would be greatly appreciated. Help!
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