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  1. Thanks for the replies and comments on the finish on part of the trim Almost 12 months has gone by and have found out that the rear doors won't close because too much "padding" was used in the top area where the compound tapering conical shape piece of formed metal that goes from the top of the shoulder/rib area of the front seat frame to floor. The rear doors were starting to bind on the over padded section of metal near the C pillar even without the door trim card fitted to the door , which is an extra 4mm (160 thou). This strain does not equate to a good outcome considering the door frames are of wood construction given that wood regardless of it's nature will move around tending humidity and temp. It has all had to be ripped out to start again , although the existing cover can be used again and trimmed up to size as it was made over size from a fairly if not good example from the original. The expert that did the work had thought about getting a lawyer to consider "ruining reputation" , as most of us are well aware no names were mentioned so "defamation of character or slander " is of no consequence , the work speaks for it self ? and many pictures and statements have been recorded as well. I do realize that as a no one from down under undertaking the job probably does not mean too much to many people , but it means a bit to me and my boss. And just to go " off topic" for bit , please , when reps. come over for a visit , leave the black vans and balls stand out security at home and just turn up as a casual ,(we are quite capable of informing of what needs to be known if you ask?), we are not stupid and are quite aware of who is who and have no problems And as far as the request for the numbers as requested , (probably by interested people from this forum?) , they will be supplied at the most convenient time pending. Would still like a picture of how the cover was fitted over the fuel pick up/sender pipes.
  2. Interisting info.,thanks for sharing to all who have replied. The 'rolling chassis" question is a good one,the only way to compare would be to have some pictures/measurements/info to compare! This post is not really an update but more of a "what do think" about the "trim" that the "trimmer" did and should such workmanship be accepted as "she be right mate" on a unique vintage, or any other vintage for that matter? Have a bit of a look at the picture and feel free to comment in any way! This is looking at the back/top left corner of the front seat as if standing in back looking forward. Was not my idea to use this particular "trimmer"....the "project manager" took it upon himself to "take over" from those who were involved.
  3. just testing 3 random picture uploads !
  4. Have never had it done but i think it might be able to be cut by "waterjet" cutting method (would need to be tried on a sacrificial small sample first ?)...if the sacrificial piece does not turn into a bucket full of small glass ice cubes then probably a good chance the real one won't. They require a template of shape and usually charge a "setup" fee which may be a bit involved on a curved piece. Many years ago i used an engraver to put patterns on my wife's car (rear quarter glass) while still in car with no problems , i thought that was cool so i tried it on a rear quarter on the table...it did not just shatter...it went "pop" as soon as the engraver touched it...what a mess. I think when "waterjet" is used the piece is under water and the cutting head is as well...which may help to absorb some of the shock...from my understanding the cutting head used garnets in a stream of very high pressure water. Just a thought !
  5. Link works ok from here http://www.vvap.com/catalog.asp
  6. ^ sounds good , hav neva seen a vet susp. set up ? sort of might be based on the vel type of thing for models of same Gm group made on a lower scale in other countries...don't know ?..could do with a bit more metal between front/rear to stop the things from twisting up like likorish ? ps... the CCT rear view on the Hurricane was in monochrome and although largeish by today's standards,very few details available.
  7. Hopefully the links work just to give an idea on a "smaller' size 2 door looks like underneath on rotisserie & mount points , (the pictures are of a GMH product that was available over here from factory with a 308 cubic inch V8 (rwd) ,weighed in at 2700 pounds)...from the late 70's,although not a Reatta i hope a bit of an idea can be gotten of the idea of the rails?, sure beats crawling around underneath, and simple-ish enough to construct? http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y184/sirpsychosis/Car%20Rotisserie/DSC04084.jpg http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y184/sirpsychosis/Car%20Rotisserie/DSC04077.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v426/Yella_SLuR/Race%20Car%20Under/Image001.jpg If i ever get the chance to own a Reatta (dreaming of course), which would certainly be different down under,it would be gutted and converted using GM running gear , put transmission tunnel/rear suspension mount points etc. in it
  8. Another GMH "special" , sort of looks "familiar' in a way ?
  9. I am starting to like the Reatta ,3800 rwd would be good enough for me,but the steering wheel is on the passenger side , but on the point of being able to spin it , this is a not finished rotisserie, just for an idea (still looking for a pic. of a 2 door on one). The reason i mentioned the front/rear chassis rails as a mounting point is because they are generally COG when the car has been gutted , but not knowing what they have in terms of chassis rails it is hard to tell , may need to make up a specific adapters somewhere along the way. From what i have seen the little Buick looks quite "small" and light...can i hazard a guess without going google and ask how heavy they are ?....2700 pounds or less or more ?
  10. Thanks , sounds a bit like the story of some of the cars made over here,not many wanted them from new, but now try getting one (even though the numbers were higher). Bit off topic , but GM (GMH over here) did some really strange things at times (even stranger now) A couple of pictures from a 1969 "prototype" , this thing had camera rear view with screen on dash , oil cooled front brakes,adjustable pedals to suit driver ,an early form of "find my way" (navigator setup) , 253 cubic inch V8 making 253 bhp plus a myriad of other subtle things. But who would have wanted one of these in "69" or beyond ? Be good to see some pictures of the build in progress....should be interesting..thinking outside the square has always intrigued me for some strange reason.
  11. Having only been here a short while i sort of see/read a bit on these little cars , may i ask without being offensive , what makes them a special ? On the rotisserie side of things , what a lot of the mad mob do over here is use the front/rear bumper mounts/front/rear chassis rails as the mount points to spin it once it has been gutted , seems to work out ok . sounds like an awesome bit of gear in the making.
  12. After looking at other pictures !, the fitting, (on the back of head,drivers side) that might be "assumed" as being a heater outlet?...it would more appear that the "outlet" originally would have been used as the Temp. gauge sender fitting but looks like a pipe fitting has been screwed in ?..certainly looks Continental , if it was a heater fitting there would have to some sort of return to the cold side of the cooling system? Other than that...this is looking at the front of a C600
  13. To remove pictures/attachments.....click on your user name, click my settings, a new 'window" appears , click manage attachments , a list of all the attachments you have added will appear, to the right of the attachment will appear a check box, check the box related to attachment/s you wish to "delete" and "delete selected". Sounds like the upload problem is sorted and going on the allowable 19.53MB upload it does not take long to chew that up with large pictures so a re-size is not a bad idea if intending on adding quite a few pictures.
  14. I am just wondering on the M600A327S ? ,the prefix used in Continentals usually started with C,"M" perhaps denoting the type of vehicle that the particular type of engine/head was assigned to during manufacture ?, don't know, not a lot of info. around about these things other than that C400 was 4 cylinder & C600 was 6 cylinder version ?, what the rest of the codes mean is a bit of a mystery,the "extra" pipe sort of denotes a heater which as already said would tend to make one think that it's application was for "passenger vehicle"...interesting....they did make engines for various other applications?...
  15. Not sure on what is "pot metal" that that is being referred to ? ...is it the stuff that door handles etc. that were made of this metal?...it can/does be polished and coated to "keep" a shine...but , when we sent some handles away that are NLA to be chromed the call was that if they were re-Chromed after being cleaned up that the impurities within the cast would only "make there way back to the top after a while (years?)" and result in a poor finish after some time. The other alternative to get a good finish on pot metal was to have it cleaned up and then resin dipped/sealed and then re-plated... Not saying that the process does not have it's place in some areas...we looked into that as a "cheap" alternative but ended up going triple plate... I agree...old original " battle scared" polished chrome is probably worth more than a "gloss over" being the real deal,but then a real triple plate is just awesome
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