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  1. I have a set of this wheel,would have been used 19 " tire.Any know which car it belongs to ?
  2. Came home with,this fine homemade band saw.The wheels comes from a Essex,but I have no ide of which year.Not the big value ,but interesting what people did before the internet.
  3. here you can se the tread ,and a photo of a normal spark plug just to se the size
  4. any idea how old this betelhem spark plug is ? it has 1" thread ,and which kind of engine auto or truck
  5. we have used them here for motorcycles and cars
  6. How old is this Warner ? and which car used them in the old days ?
  7. thanks that was fast,do you have any idea of year ?
  8. I have this old Jones brass spedometer,I would like to know how old it is and why there is 2 needles on it.
  9. hi Viv, and thanks for your fine answer.I thought this was a easy one to find out,thought Nash was a common car in US.No I am not gonna sell this rearend,I am putting parts togther for a speedster ,and I prefer to use parts before 1920. Also when I am done,I can tell the story of each parts wich car they came from. regards michael
  10. Now I have talked with some members from the Nash club.They tell me that it is not Nash.Only the hub caps.
  11. Thanks, I thought it was older
  12. Can any ID this Nash rearend ,wich year and model. thanks michael
  13. can any one here,help me ID this old Mercedes Daimler motor.Cyl-head and intake and exhaust is cast in one.
  14. some more photos,also I found this instering reading about model T crank:http://www.nwvs.org/Technical/MTFCA/Articles/2605PressurizedOil.pdf
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