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  1. So I've narrowed it down to these three vehicles in order of most desired to least based on what I hear from others. 1990 Chevy Caprice Classic 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis I happen to like the large sedans quite a bit to the point where I'm gunning for one, the Buick idea didn't go so well so I figured I'd ask about these options.
  2. Dear me, seems I'm late to the party. sorry I've been very busy lately! I'll look out for the next meeting, sorry I haven't been in touch!
  3. Hmm, he seems to of ignored my email. Ah oh well, would of been cool to join in.
  4. Don't suppose anyone knows how I can meet some of the Canton chapter do they? I'd like to learn more, maybe get a look under the hood of one of these older vehicles.
  5. Update: I see a 1989 Toyota Celica for about 2.5 grand with 122k miles on it. I don't know much about Old toyotas, but would parts for that be possible at all?
  6. So I visited Motor Portfolio today and they had a 1990 Buick electra Park Avenue for about 9 grand in total. 38k miles, looks new, as far as I can see no rust or anything. I sat down in it, fell in love. I also sat down in a 1989 Grand Marquis, I liked it but not nearly as much as the Buick. I guess I have to go see about a loan now, wish me luck! I thank everyone in this thread for their replies, you guys have shown me a plethora of cars I've never even knew existed!
  7. Late 80s to earlier 90s This Chrysler 5th avenue is interesting..Its aesthetics are pleasing and sounds far more reliable then the fleetwood idea. Also 90s Cadillac DeVilles seem alright too, I'm looking for that heavier body, but also lower on the whole technology bit, I'm not a fan of cars that you need to fix every two minutes because of a computer failing, while also being a huge fan of the more squared look. Problem with the Chrysler is, there are none nearby.
  8. Thanks for the welcome, I'm from Ohio, Canton specifically.
  9. So, not going to lie..I'm new to engines/car parts in general..So I have a unique predicament. I was told by a few friends who are car savvy the pros of owning an older car (Tougher frame, easier to fix, more reliable parts due to less complexity) so as a first time car owner there has always been a type of car I've always been interested in having, even as a kid. A Cadillac Fleetwood, or the various other types of vehicles that resemble its body (Chevy Caprice, mercury..I forget the name) I know it probably seems silly for a first time car owner to go after one of these, but I have to atleast
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