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  1. Hi James, There was no X on the data plate, so they must have been added later in life.That would explain why i can't find a two window switch. I am thinking I will get a 4 window switch and use that, saves using the homemade switch I made. Regards Steven
  2. Hi All, I have a question regarding my 1955 2 door Super, it has front electric windows and manual rear windows, was this type of configuration a factory option or was it was added later in life? The switch block for the drivers door is a four window, this is why I am thinking it was added later. The thing is the wiring looks really old and who ever did it, made it look factory, there are no holes or provisions for manual winders on either door and there are fuses for the windows on the fuse block. But then I can't find any pictures or information regarding a 2 window switch controller...(Note: I am missing the drivers side switch). Any insights or information appreciated Cheers Super_Hermitage
  3. Thanks for the info and tips, I managed to slide the pan out the front with a little coaxing and I vacuumed the the inlet and block valley to remove all debris Now the real fun begins, putting it all back together.
  4. I have a 55 Buick Super with a 322 Nailhead that is leaking quite a bit of oil from the valley pan. I have decided to replace the gasket, I took the inlet manifold off but couldn't get the valley pan off because the inlet castings on the heads. So I removed the water pump and timing chain cover in order to slide the pan out the front. Even with all the bits removed I can't slide the pan out because of the breather baffle on the pan hitting the front of the block and the inlet castings preventing me from lifting it up. I am starting to think I am going to have to pull a head off! Tell me I am wrong, how do I get this darn valley pan out ?
  5. Hi MrEarl, If you still have these parts I will take them, I really need the left hand trim but will take the lot if they are a package. I have sent you a PM. Thanks in advance.
  6. Well the hunt continues for the door panel belt molding, so if any members know where I can source one, feel free to let me know. I have been searching the internet (EBAY, craigslist, DVAP and few other salvage yards) to no avail. On the upside I scored a new window switch for the driver door. I am making do with a temporary switch setup I made, till the new one arrives:)
  7. Can anyone help me out here? I have just got myself a 1955 Buick Super 2 Door and when it arrived it was missing the drivers door top trim and electric window switch (I am using a piece of wire to operate the windows:D ). I have contacted a number of the online parts dealers and junkyards to no avail. So if any members here, have these parts for sale let me know. Or maybe someone can point me towards someone or place where I could obtain them that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance