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  1. Thanks Guys What happened is I took my radiator to the shop for a reverse flush while I was doing the motor up. He soaked it with cleaner in for 4 days then flushed it out and 2 rather large leaks appeared which he sealed up and pressure tested and ok. Now after putting back on the car ,a small leak from a repair . Can I put a radiator sealer through to plug the small leak or is that a no no. Hence I would rather swap radiators to be sure as I think it is the original radiator. Apart from the leak it runs sweet and cool. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi All Does anyone know a supplier for a radiator to suit my 1928 tourer standard buick. Mine is just hanging on and not much success over here trying to find one. Thanks guys Steve
  3. Hi guys I have just put my rebuild head back on and all runs sweet. The next question I have is the grade of oil to use. I use penrite shelsley oil medium grade which is for vehicles that take a 40 sae oil. Should I use the shelsley heavy oil for vehicles using a 50 sae as I feel a 40 oil is a bit thin for an older engine? Any thoughts? Cheers everyone Steve
  4. The story so far. My head is repaired on my 28 and ready to nip up. We found a crack between 2 valves so it was repaired at the head shop All parts were sent over from Bobs so it is as new now but I need some help on the tension for the head bolts. Does anyone know the correct tension to do the bolts up to? Thanks everyone Cheers Steve
  5. Thanks Leif Have found the rings but egge wants to know how many oil and compression rings per cylinder. Do you know out of the 3 rings is it 1 oil and 2 compression or 2 oil and 1 compression . Thanks again and nearly there. cheers steve
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies. Head off and gasket corroded. Head at workshop now and all gaskets ordered from bobs. Re the rings, Egge wanted to know the depth of the rings. I know the car takes 3 rings per cylinder and are 3 1/8 dia and 1/8 width but does anyone know how deep they go or what to say to order them. Also I only snapped one head bolt so need a replacement. Where could i source one of these. Cheers Steve
  7. I have just found water getting into cylinder number 5. Time to freshen up the motor in the way of head restore and bottom end. Am I going to find it hard getting parts such as rings and head gear for this model. It is the smaller of the 6 cylinder motors. It is in the 114 tourer and does anyone know what the model of the motor is for shopping around for bits. Thanks guys on the tab washers, all sorted now with your help. Cheers Steve
  8. That looks like them. Mine has a 1 inch ID. If yours have the same ID, would you consider selling me 2 to save the drama of getting them cut? Cheers Steve
  9. Does anyone know if the lock washer on the rear wheel is available anywhere.I am looking at getting some laser cut. cheers Steve
  10. Thankyou You guys are a wealth of knowledge Swapping the grease nipple now Cheers Steve
  11. Thankyou Dave I thought as much, so am using a marine high temp grease in the water pump. Do you know what thread is on the grease nipple as I want to replace it and auto shops can't work it out. Thanks everyone Cheers Steve
  12. Thankyou Mark Should there be water under the grease nipple or is there a seal between the shaft and water pump? cheers Steve
  13. Hi Guys my waterpump in my 28 buick has water coming out of the grease nipple on the pump housing I use my grease gun to fill it and it lasts about 50 k's then will drip again. does this mean the seal needs replacing on the shaft. Should I put a kit in it to replace the lot and if so does anyone have a diagram of the pump and what I will find when work starts. Bobs have a kit now in their catalogue. Thanks for all the other advice you have given me in my other posts and they all have worked. cheers Steve
  14. Thankyou Jay for your reply, That is great to know.I was worried as the manual said the thermostat opened at 120 F and I thought that was about the running temp.That's a load of my mind now I can sort a few more issues out. Thanks to all you guys with you help Cheers Steve Milner
  15. Hi Dave Thanks for that, now I feel a bit more comfortable with it. Cheers from Australia Steve
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