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  1. Hi Guys, A little troubled by this photo. It shows a hood emblems base, yet I cannot find photos of a 73 with a hood emblem but plenty of 1974's. Secondly I cannot find a 74 in colonial yellow. Secondly here is the cars bodys #vin location (not body badge) Cheers guys
  2. Hi Tder1/Jason I have finally got some more photos. We are struggling to find the #vin. De we need to clean futher as it is stamped? Am I looking in the right location? We have found the had casting with the number 455 and a casting number and a number 3 top of pic? I think I have found the XA stamp with pic supplied?? can you confirm. Anyone else feel free to comment. Cheers Simon
  3. He wants around 10k. ?? I said Id give him 8 like you suggested. Has advertised locally for 12k drive away. If I get it I'll send you a photo over the Easter weekend. just need somewhere to park it for a month or 2. Thanks again Jason
  4. Hi Jason. It wasn't that I wanted to wind the odo back I was thinking that this may have happened hence the low miles on the clock rather than going over it and starting again. I can confirm nothing. This is his VIN # 4Y87W3H549731 but it seems a number short.? I am unable to gain any more information and or see the car. Time to let it go I think.. Cheers
  5. Thanks Jason and Tder1. Your feedback and comments have been great. Unfortunately I am unable to view the car prior to placing a offering. An odd photo from the odometer is saying that is 9800 miles. I was told.it was 98000 miles. Is it possible.l to wind the odo back? 9800 seems really low to be realistic. I have severe FOMO: fear of missing out. As well as FOFU: fear of f**k**g up. Thanks guys. Simon.
  6. Thanks Jason The was car is based in storage in Australia believe it or not. Previously from Salt Lake City, Utah. Prior owner had the intention of restoration but unfortunately due ill health he had to sell and that's when my friend got it. It runs well and drives well. Not registered at the moment in OZ... What do you think worth the risk or too hard basket.? Any chance of a rough guestimate on it's value? Cheers Simon
  7. Thanks Jason With the "Boattail variety" I wasn't sure it they made a standard coupe boot and the boattail had it's own build number registry? I think boattail was the only option for a quick google search... (buick novice..) If you could in your opinion give me a price for what you think this riviera is worth on face value. Please find attached some photos of the coupe. It has done a few miles over 90,000.... Main reason for my questions is I may have the opportunity to buy this off my mate and his isn't really into any of the cars history or renovating it. Just worth my while getting all the info before decide. Wether it's a stage 1 or not helps etc.etc I'm not sure of the yellow really sits well with me . haha Thanks again
  8. Thanks Jason, I got this photo last night of the front grille.[ATTACH=CONFIG]301123[/ATTACH] I has a Stage 1 decal on it. It also has a column shift, Is this the standard option. I looked on the Riv register and there seems to be only #1234 numbers of 1973 Riv stage 1 option built. Does this include the Boattail variety? Cheers again Tickboom81 Can you tell me roughly what this may be worth?
  9. Hi Guys, My friend has bought a 73' Riviera. It was claimed to be a Stage 1. We know that there are a few ways to find out wether it is a Stage 1 Such as; looking at the #VIN number (must have a W?) in it.??? Engine code XA??? Chrome Stage 1 air cleaner lid??? Any badging or other identifiers that we could look for to prove it's authenticity. Also what is the current market value for a running vehicle of this type? thanks a heap. Tickboom81