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  1. I just hope it's not too far gone to restore at this point. The body and frame are both very rusted. I guess those rear windows just makes it an odd ball. I would love to see it on the road again. I'm assuming it would take $25,000 easy to get it mechanically sound. Aren't the chassis the same on all the chevy 150s? I have a feeling that the engine would need a rebuild as well. It has been sitting with the carb opened so probably all dust and dirt got in there. Converting it to EFI might take some of the headaches away. He had it since 1972 so it would be silly to just get rid of it now. I believe he only paid 500 dollars for it back in the day if you can believe that.
  2. hmm, interesting. so would that make it more or less valuable? The windows are currently cracked so if it was restored then I'm not sure how modern glass would affect the value.
  3. Ok so this is my grandfathers car which he had for about 40 years. It's a 1956 Sedan Delivery. style 56-1271, body 2814 (not 100% sure). That is about all I know about the car it self. What's so different about is is the rear window. As you all know, these vehicles come as panels. The more rare variant of this is the model is the "windowed" version and I know there is less than 100 of them. But the windows on that variant are completely different than the one he has. He stopped driving it around 20 years ago I think. It needed a new bodymounts so it has been sitting for that reason. I am not sure why it is all torn apart but he has all the pieces in the basement. The engine is a 350 from 1970 which has solid lifters, solid cams and is bored out. T10 4 speed as well. The driveshaft is rusted on and he could not get anyone wanting to work on it back in the day so that's anther reason why it sat. I want him to restore it and enjoy it but we've always wondered what it actually is. Is it some kind of rare option with the windows like that or did someone do some kind of custom fab job back in the 70s before he bought it? He said he only seen one like it in his whole life and it was in a magazine and apparently it was some kind of NJ turnpike service/work vehicle so that is why I believe it has to be stock from the factory.
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