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  1. link to craigslist ad https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/chattaroy-chrysler-tc/6861187911.html
  2. I am selling my 1989 yellow TC for $2,900 and my 1989 yellow TC parts car for $1,200. You can see my ad on Craigslist in Spokane, WA
  3. Thought I would update you all on my quest to find a Lebaron wagon. I bought one at the auto auction in Seattle. It was damaged in the front end, nothing serious just some sheet metal. I have already removed the parts and will replace when I find them!! I also need the "shock absorber" that holds the rear lift in the up position, any ideas where I might find one. Thanks for all your earlier suggestion, Doug
  4. Thanks for the info on Lebaron's. I owned a number of 84 and 85 conv'ts which I used as my commuter car. I liked them because I could use them year round up here where we get lot's of snow. Good advice on staying away from the Mitsu engine. I will ask about the rust issue.
  5. Thanks, I'm talking to the owner about this car. It's scary buying a car on craigslist if you can't look at it in person. I live in Spokane, WA and the car is in Chicago, IL.
  6. I have an 89 TC which I love driving. We recently got a Golden Retriever and there is no room in the TC for her. I'm looking for a 82-88 Lebaron Town & Country wagon. If anyone knows of one, I'll pay top dollar for the right car. Thanks, Doug Osborn
  7. I just had to replace my second drivers side headlight within 6 months because of a stone crack. This gets expensive!! I am going to get a piece of plexiglass cut to size and cover both headlights. Did the club have these for sale in the past? I don't want to glue them so I thought I would attach them with velcro. What do you think?
  8. I have an 89 TC which runs fine. It recently started running hot, but the fan comes on and it cools down. I recently drove it to a car show over 100 miles in 95 degree heat and it never overheated but the temp gauge ran nearly 3/4 before the fan came on. I took it to a mechanic today and he informed me I have a blown head gasket and estimates it will cost over $2,500 to fix. Does this seem reasonable or am I getting taken? Doug
  9. The last four digits of vin # are 3553. Thanks Doug
  10. I checked the wiring diagrams in my service manual and it shows two buttons: one for illuminated entry and one for door ajar. Since my 89 only has the illuminated entry button was the door ajar an option or is my 89 an early production model that didn't include this button? Thanks Doug
  11. My 89 has a single button in the door frame to turn the lights on/off. My 89 parts car has two buttons. Does anyone know why it has the two while mine only has the 1? The stainless door opening cover looks like both were formed at the factory; one with 1 hole and one with 2 holes. This restoration seems to uncover many mysteries. Thanks, Doug
  12. Sorry, I didn't know. Just added a picture, hope it comes through, Doug
  13. I purchased an 89 yellow tc and have begun restoring it. I just bought another 89 yellow parts car. The top on the parts car is black while mine is tan. How difficult is it to remove the entire convertible frame with the top attached? The 89 Service Manual does not give any information. I would like to put the black top on my car. Thanks from a new owner, Doug
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