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  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt! I need a whole set of Ginger stripes for my '91 red TC. I've just had "Rose" repainted and need a replacement set...cost? How soon can you send them? soonersue@comcast.net Happy Easter... In Christ Sue
  2. Oh, thanks tons, Hemi...I see that you have part numbers here...does that mean that I can order them from you? If so, I need both the fender, door, quarter panel and deck lid packages. Let me know and "the check's in the mail"! In Christ Sue
  3. Hi, everybody... I've just had my '91 TC repainted and the gold color pin striping running along the sides from front to back that was on it was, of necessity, removed. I'm wondering if the pin striping was original or applied by a previous owner? I've looked on line at all the photos I can find and sometimes there is pin striping and sometimes not. If it was, indeed original, I'll have it reapplied. Thanks tons! In Christ Sue
  4. Thank you for this info and the eBay site info. These don't look like what was on my TC but I'm glad for your help. In Christ Sue
  5. Oh, sorry...my TC is a red 91. and, sorry, I don't have a photo of them. In Christ Sue
  6. I'm having my TC repainted and need to find replacements for the small Trident emblems that are located near the front of the car on the front quarter panels. They could not be salvaged so hoping to find replacements. Anybody have any idea where I might find a pair? Thanks to anybody that can help. In Christ Sue
  7. Thanks so much for the info...I will try to track down a gas lever cover as you suggest...thanks again! Much, much appreciated! In Christ Sue
  8. Hey, thanks Bob, for the info. You were right...Hemi does have an armrest and I've sent him a note about it. As to the gas lever, well, I'll just have to wait until one turns up, I guess, as he didn't say he had one. I'm so proud to be a TC owner/driver and am hoping to show off a brand new paint job at the meet in Reno this summer! We'll see... In Christ Sue
  9. Looking for a replacement ginger colored armrest cover...mine is showing lots of wear and I'd like to find a replacement if anybody has one available. Also looking for an cover for the inside gas door latch. In Christ! Soonersue
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