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  1. So, Buick 35 and Mark... I have the new mounts and am looking for the best procedure to replace them on my 1940 Buick Super. Mark...I am going to be safe... and am going to use a hoist, but my question is " what is the best procedure to do this?" Can the mounts be replaced by lifting the engine a couple of inches? Does the transmission housing need to be disconnected?? The 1940 Buick Shop manual reference ( under Engine Removal and Installation ( Pg 6-22)) that if you loosen the mountings from the frame "a complete realignment with the rear axal will then be required when the engine is reinst
  2. Thanks Sean.... I think I made another rookie mistake with the numbers I gave that were on the engine. I believe that I mistakenly cited a part number. I did not get the numbers from the location on the engine that the owners manual said they would be located. I am going to the right place today to record the correct ones.
  3. Ok, here are the numbers off of the Data Plate Style: 40-4519 Body#: 39402 Paint: 551 Trim: 810 Off of the engine directly behind the carburetor: 8 and a 31 Off of the engine a little further behind the carburetor ( but distinctly separate form the ones above) : 1330805-2 I know the paint color is not original or correct for the 1940 year, the data plate states Flint , Mich.
  4. Thanks for the response. Another question... Does the Fireball designation apply to the 1940 straight 8 or did the changes that earned the " Fireball" start with the '41 models or the larger engines??
  5. Couple of pictures of the 1940 Series 50. More to be posted soon.
  6. Just picked up car today from New Orleans area. A 1940 Series 51 four door touring sedan. Beautiful car, great paint (although not a 1940 color), new interior( period authentic ) , runs great!! A great way to break into the Vintage car community!!! I am very excited about the fun to come this spring and summer at local events and shows. I will post pictures when I get the car home tomorrow. John
  7. I'll take up the challenge and go first. Hello All, I am John Adams , living in Huntsville, Alabama. Just sighed on today and sent my first post with a question. I am looking to drop out of the Harley Davidson community (2001 RoadKing w/ Trailer) and into the VIntage car community. I have looked at a couple of cars in the area and am going to south Alabama this weekend to look at a 40 Buick 4dr Touring Sedan. I guess by looking at the forums and old sales materiel, that is a "Super". However, I may be making the first of many bad assumptions by thinking it is a "Super". Ill certainly know when
  8. Thanks for the quick responses. I am going ot look at a car this weekend and wanted to better verify the authenticity. I dont see many postings regarding the 1940 4dr Touring Sedan. Coupes and others, yes, but not so much the style I am looking at. I'm looking to give up the Harley community for the Vintage car community.
  9. Hello, First time poster....and first question of many to come. Does the 1940 4dr touring Sedan (doesnt have suiside doors) come with the slide hood panels (side openings) or one solid hood (front opening).....
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