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  1. I would like to purchase a 2 Cyl. intake manifold for my 1909 Model A. Does not need to be show condition. Steve
  2. Steve Rinaldo here. The show that I host is the Classic Car Show. It is usually live at 8 am on Saturday. We generally try to have guests on that are a part of the old car hobby. Some of the guests we have had are Steve Moskowitz the CEO of AACA, Chris Ritter AACA Librarian. Bob Wallace of J.C. Taylor, and Fred Simione form his Museum in Pa. You can find the show at Americas Web Radio on the internet. Jim weber and myself have been doing this for over 15 years. and there are a lot of archived old shows that you can listen at the site as well. We are always looking for new guests, so if you ha
  3. Thanks. Do you have pictures of one mounted on a Maxwell 2 Cyl. engine. I am looking for fuel pipe and throttle linkage connected.
  4. I would like to some photos of Holley NH from a Model T Ford installed on a 2Cy. Maxwell. My understanding is that this is the most used conversion. Thanks, Steve
  5. I was told that any model t Ford plugs will fit. I am wondering what plugs your other 2cyl. guys are using?
  6. I work a lot on the issue with the Tech editor of the Cadillac Lasalle club. There are alot of options to solve this. It is easier for to talk to on the phone. Dend me your phone number in an e-mail and I'll call you this is big problem the Flatty Caddy. s.b.rinaldo@att.net
  7. I finished using the scaler today with no issues. I Am going to paint them with VHT header paint.
  8. I finished using the scaler today with no issues. I Am going to paint them with VHT header paint.
  9. I Watched several PC videos on removing porcelain from metal objects. They all used a needle scaler air powered tool. I borrowed one and it works ok. This is tough stuff
  10. To Petr O, Thanks for the reply the picture you sent shows a cone shaped valve on the rod in the bottom float chamber. I don't have this part,so I see why it floods. I'll try to come up with a substitute. McMaster Carr has some Viton balls that may work. To DavidMc, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a copy of that. I met Vern once and he was very knowledgeable on Maxwell Carburetors. I didn't know anything like this existed. I have also been corresponding with Frank Ceruti in Australia, he also is very knowledgeable about Maxwells. Steve Rinaldo 3331 Woodsfield
  11. I am replacing the exhaust gaskets on my 1937 Cadillac and the manifolds have an old porcelain finish that is flaking off in areas. What is the easiest way to remove this finish, Sand blasting, wire wheel or ? Steve
  12. That is one of the problems I don't know what carb this car has. It has no markings on it , assume that it is a Maxwell made carb. The float is attached to nothing it just floats. No shutoff valve, levers. and no information available.
  13. HELP I am getting close to running my 1909 Model A Maxwell and am trying to sort out some Carb issues. The main problem is that it seems to flood. The float works OK. 1. I have never dealt with anything this old so I'm not even sure how it works. 2.The position of the float makes no difference as looks like it isn't attached to anything. So don't even see the need for a float. 3. I can't find any information on this carb , HELP Thanks, Steve
  14. I called a friend of mine in Australia and he was able to locate these fittings and they are in the mail.
  15. I am trying to get the oiling system in my 1909 Maxwell to work correctly. The oil reservoir tank on the firewall uses two different sizes of a tapered flared fittings and I can't seem to find anything like this. All of the fittings I can find have straight threads no taper. Does anyone have an idea what these might be. I was thinking possibly British BPST. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  16. I am about to start to use this car after a a hull powertrain rebuild by early car expert. I have a lot of questions and have little information. I tried to ask on the Maxwell forum and got very little in the way of help. What I need is someone to call when I have a question. I know that everyone is wary of scammers. If you leave me your name I'll get a way to call. Thanks, Steve Rinaldo
  17. Check with bicycle shops. I have had them on my brass era cars for years.
  18. Thanks for all your efforts. Brenda and I will be there. Steve
  19. Steve, Is judges registration available? Here are some other questions: 1. Is there going to be a breakfast on Saturday, if so in the Giant Center? 2. Are there going to be typical Friday activities eg. Judges School, Round Tables etc. 3. Parking? 4. Is the show going to be in its regular location? Thanks, Steve
  20. Brenda and I were signed up and were sad to see the Glidden cancelled. We have chaired several AACA and HCCA tours and have attended a bunch. As previously stated there are a lot of parts that have to come together to put on one of these events. I would like to see the people who a complaining try to organize one. As the old saying goes " those who do the least complain the most is true. Many thanks to all of the Glidden group for trying to make this happen in these uncertain times. I'm sure it will be rescheduled when things get back to the Old Normal. Steve and Brenda
  21. With The flea market canceled this year, maybe AACA National and the Hershey region can address some of the common complaints: 1. Maybe try to organize vendors by similar interests. eg. all the Packard guys together. 2. Consolitading the flea market so it is not so spread out with so many almost empty rows. 3.If this was done, a lot of the space on the Giant Center side could be used for parking especially on Saturday.
  22. Steve, with all the different strings being pulled in many directions this decision, though a sad one was the smart one. I'm sure our great hobby will survive and come back stronger. BUT I will miss Brother Joe's Pizza and dinner at Vino. Everyone connected keep smiling . Steve
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