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  1. Hello, this is my first time posting. i have a 1937 REO Truck and have had the vehicle with three different folks to restore over the years. The engine, transmission, brakes and mechanics have been restored and have been completed by a machinist. Now the truck is with another guy and I am feeling a bit frustrated with him. He says he cannot give me an estimate of time to complete the project or an estimate on remaining price to complete the project. His disposition is rude and he has a habit of nickle and diming me. He does not make much progress on the restoration and last month he billed me $2,200 to make a door hinge and latch. I am in a dispute over the mfg of the bed, which he quoted me a completed fixed price, then this month he says it didn't include putting a finish coat on the wood and i have been waiting for a final design drawing of the siding based on what specs i provided to him, I'm sure he will deviate from what we discussed and try to take the cheap way out there too. He wanted me to pay him in advance to finish the bed and i told him i am withholding final payment of $1,500 until I see the design plans and the job is complete. I want to get a reputable restorer to go with me to see the truck and get an assessment as I think I may want to pull the project from him and give it to a reputable person to finish the paint and body and final assembly. The truck is located in San Andreas, CA., i.e., somewhat near Stockton, Lodi, area. Can anyone please provide me with a recommendation and or refer me to a reputable auto body and restorer to go with me to provide advice? The truck is a family heirloom and it is important to me to get the job done right. I have had it with the greedy grouch currently making my life miserable. Sincerely, Mike
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