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  1. just sent u an email from my hotmail account. Thanks
  2. I will check mine tomoro and see. Thank you for looking!
  3. I need the right side,but looks as if the left will mount on the right.There is a difference but should be better than no molding. Condition:As good as possible,but again a decent one is better than none. How much do you want and is it possible to send me a picture? Thank You!
  4. I have a 62 Starfire and need the large door molding/trim piece for passenger door.Fits over the molding just before the front fender. If you have I`d like to buy.Also need 1 hubcap. Thanks
  5. I know its an old post,but thought I`d take a chance. I have a 1962 Starfire Hardtop.I am missing the big molding on the passenger door.The one right before the front fender.If you have one for sale or know of where I can find one it would be a great help. Thanks!
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