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  1. After talking with ATI I have come to the conclusion this part is being returned if possible, seeing how its already assembled. I was told I can get a 2 groove Chevy pulley and space the power steering pump and determine the correct length belt but that's to much hassle. I just need this car done so I can move on to the next project. Pulling the 4.6 out of a 4x4 f150 for rebuild....or do I wanna do the freeze (casting) plugs on the 85 ranger? decisions decisions. lol Thanks for the help guys.
  2. This will be a street driven car. My friend that asked me to help with this build wanted it. I have never had any experience with these dampers. The factory pulley will bolt up to it but does not fall in line with the power steering pump. I figure i could space the pump out but im just going to suggest he return the damper and stick with factory for my sanity. Lol. Thanks again for the input. I put the engine together in that 65 mustang and did a front disk brake conversion on a 69 charger with less effort that this buick motor. Lol
  3. I bought an ati super damper. Part #918410. It falls straight in line with my power steering pulley. I called ati and they informed me the pulley is 1.75 forward of the stock location. That does not help me seeing the 3 groove stock pulley is large and would put the ati damper way out on the crank snout. Does anyone have pics or more info on this. 350 engine stock P/S bracket.
  4. TY NTX5467. trans is in everything bolted up. I will be putting lines and fluid in tonight after a tune up on a Hyundai for a girl from work. lol...things I do for beer and a pretty face.
  5. Well thanks for all the info. I got it sorted out and I now have the correct flex plate. It was 160 tooth and is a Buick 350 crank. The pioneer flex plate lined up and tranny is going in tonight. Thanks for the help and ill post pics of the motor and car in the appropriate section soon.
  6. TY Brad....I was originally told it was a Chevy crank. I was not the one that actually purchased the crank. I have since found out it is a Buick crank. I got the order details made some calls etc. I still have the issue of my flex plate not bolting up. I get 4 bolts in a 2 out. I have rotated it 360 degreese and flipped it both ways. JIC. I ordered 2 flex plates from Oreilly today, another 160t and a 166t both Buick. Hopefully one will solve my problem. I have heard bad things about the pioneer flex plates......any opinions?
  7. I have a 1972 Buick Skylark Sun coupe with a 5.7 350/350 trans. I recently purchased a crank from Summit. Stock specs nothing special. Problem is my 160T flexplate that was originally on the motor will not bolt up. Simple right...go get a Chevy 168T/153T flexplate and starter. Nope.....still wont bolt up. I know BOP....but summit cant tell me exactly what flexplate to use either. Why? I don't want to keep purchasing and returning flexplates nor do I want to pull my engine and rebuild it again because of this crank. Everything went in perfect torqued to speck etc. Its a 2 pieces rear main crank. My torque converter lined up to the flexplate. Everyone keeps telling me there is not a 160T flexplate for these cars but there is.....I have one. lmao. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Someone has to have had this issue before. lol I can post pics or any other info that will help. Just lmk whats needed, tyvm
  8. Hello, Richard here. Ill definitely be asking several questions here as I am new to Buick. I have owned several Camaros in the past but have been doing the import thing for about 12 years now. lol. Don't hate on me to badly. Ill be making another post and hopefully can figure out some of the issues I am having with help from the wonderful people on this forum......get the butt kissing out of the way early. haha.