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  1. I will brief here.


    First off he was an elderly man and thought this his Buick was a genuinely good car.  Swore up and down that the motor had never been changed.  He acted quite surprised about the paint thicknesses.  He thought his 10 year old bias ply tires with no inner tread left was just fine.  I knew going into it the paint color and the naugahyde upholstery where not correct.  At the end of my inspection he became testy and super defensive about the issues I brought up.  I negotiated the price 2 separate times and he just wouldn't go any lower that $25250.  I walked!  He sent me an email arguing that his car including the engine was a Roadmaster.  


    For me solid driver with decent paint and upholstery was what I needed but it had to be original.  Too many issues for me to proceed....


    Hope that gives you idea

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  2. I looked at this car and it's not what the pictures show.  This car originally was 2 tone color code 19B so it has been repainted a darker green than the original and it's a driver quality 2 tone respray.  The paint thickness was all over the place and I used a magnet and it showed weak results on the rockers.  In addition the paint was wavy on the lower parts of the doors and on the rockers.  The chrome is pretty good, no rust or pitting anywhere!  The seat upholstery was originally cloth but has been changed to a dark Naugahyde.  All the gauges and lights worked along with the power seat and power windows!  There were 2 issues that iced the cake, on the title the VIN in the door jamb was not used instead the engine number was used.  The engine number on the title is not a Roadmaster engine, it is an for a Special. The engine number on the block is in a very awkward spot and I couldn't verify it.  The car drove well, but the tires were not wearing evenly.  To say I am glad I did not buy it is an understatement as it is way over priced!


    If you want a car to drive around and didn't care about originality this car might be for you because even with the rocker issues it's still good looking and running cars

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  3. Okay guys, who of you have seen of called on this car ?  Who of you have actually seen this car ?  Certain people speculate that this is a car they have seen but there been no hard facts!


    I am certainly not picking apart the knowledge of people have about this motor; in fact it's been very educational for me.  But give the seller and his car a break with the relentless piling on about things you suspect with no hard facts.  


    I get what your saying about dishonest sellers and their descriptions.  I have been through that and it's frustrating, time consuming and costs money.  But no posts that I have read in this thread say; "I have talked to the seller and..." or "I just personally inspected this car and...."  But to condemn the thing without knowing for sure?  I don't think that's right!

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  4. I re-read the owners description and he states the engine is not running because it has fuel issues and the owner has disassembled the top of the engine. He goes on to say that once he recovers from his back problem he going clean the fuel tank and get it running.  Maybe I missed something but by reading through this thread you all have condemned the engine and whittled this classic is a worthless parts car.

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  5. IMHO Fords and Lincolns from the mid 30's are very well styled.  I have always liked the Judkins bodied Lincoln model K's from the mid to late 30's.  What's the difference between this town car and a model K?


    There is a lot to like for 26 grand.  If his fuel system repairs get the engine running it gets even better.  I wish I could provide the home it needs!

  6. Not a fan of wire wheels or caps but they seem to work with this car. I do question the console; not sure it is original to car.  I would think that there would be a floor shifter in that console.  Also shouldn't that gauge at the very front of the console be mounted in an upright position.  But in the big picture drive and enjoy the car; it's a very cool ride!!

  7. The front end styling beginning in '79 is not my least favorite.  Through the years of production of the 2nd generation Firebirds they became more and more anemic.  My friend had a '77 Formula with the Olds 403 V8 which was a comfortable car but wasn't a very fast especially by todays standards.  I had a '71 Formula 400 with the Pontiac motor and that thing could pull tree stomps out the ground.

  8. I had a '39 Buick special and a 40 Buick super and would maintain speeds of 55 - 65mph. Though I tried to keep them at 55 and below occasionally they'd eek up to 61-62mph.  This is model 48 2 door sedan and not a model 41 and the price of $13,500 is fair but not bargain in my book.  For a model 41 this would be a good deal.

  9. By popular demand the chrome rings for the front and rear emblems have been installed.  Viola!!!


    I have replaced the radial tires with bias plies and the steering effort was greatly decreased.  Additionally I replaced those '58 Pontiac hubcaps with the proper '57 dog dish caps!  Anyone have a source for rear leaf springs besides Eaton in Michigan?  Also I need some-sort of exploded view and location of where the heater assembly is.  I know the heater core is on the left side of the fire wall.  I believe it has the under seat heater and windshield defroster.  Not sure how all of this stuff is installed on the car.





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