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  1. Thank you too Dave! I have zero concerns about the state and have several commercial sites if I decide to go that dealer direction. It is nice to see a large private collector like yourself show others you can stand up for yourself if it makes economical and or common sense... vs rolling over and taking it...which is part of the reason we are becoming a weaker America. Joe
  2. I am going to give a $10,000 discount to the buyer of whichever car sells first. If this car sells first, I will change my price from $85,000 to $75,000. Another 54 convertible Monterey just sold on auction recently for over $90,000 plus buyer fees.
  3. I agree... and I heard they don't make the rare 1954 Convertible Mercury Monterey anymore ... it too may also be a great investment opportunity 60+ years later. Oh yeah, that's today :-)
  4. You should research and know the answer before opening the door... or keep it closed, you will look more intelligent on the forum. because I am a private collector. Joe
  5. You sir... are correct! & FYI: I have not sold a single car this year; so once I have sold a few in my collection, I'll wait till next year to sell some others... unless of course, I decide to get a dealer's license :-) & FYI #2: The state loves true collectors like me ... because we pay full tax on all our vehicles... and we do NOT skip title like half of the other wantabe car guys that flip cars & comment against real private owners like me.
  6. Tom: Thanks so much for the support... They don't offend me at all ... I have had dozens of employees over the years that think like they do... I t's like dealing with the $8/hr receptionist that you find in a doctor or dentist's office; that one woman, who controls the time of her Million dollar/yr boss and she usually acts like a tough B...tch /door-blocker, who shuts down every salesman that tries to get through the door to see the doctor. My personal cars are still up and if they find a true buyer here... great, and if they don't... well, that's life. Maybe the top collectors of valuable cars are using other sites because of the attitude of some closed minded members on here... & if that is so, that is too bad for the true collectors and sellers on this site. Thanks, Joe Cincinnati, Ohio
  7. Well.. because I am purchasing several real estate projects and I don't have the time to spend with my cars anymore... and even though I don't give away financial advice as a rule... I thought someone like you would enjoy a chance to own a nice one with upside potential. Take a peek at the Hagerty Valuation on this car and see if that doesn't open your eyes to the trend I mentioned. http://www.hagerty.com/valuationtools/HVT/VehicleSearch/Report?vbe=61562 Thanks for looking, Joe
  8. If I did this for a living as a dealer, I would go broke. I retired as the CEO & Founder of 5 major companies in my career (none as a dealer or car company of any kind) I just love the Classics... but thanks for the high praise.
  9. Like I told the other guy... I am not a dealer... These are my own cars in my collection... maybe this is not the place for top quality cars but I thought it might be. The cars are in Cincinnati, Ohio and this car like all my cars are up for bid to the highest interested party... make an realistic offer if interested and you can own it. Thanks for looking, Joe
  10. I am a private collector... not a dealer. You know what they say about the word "assume"... Why would you think I'm a dealer? I wish I was, so I didn't have to pat sales tax :-)
  11. I agree this is my second 57 with the same combo!... my favorite as well. I had a modified 56 that was maroon and silver... they are another great car.
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