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  1. I have never used them but licenseplates.tv will make the closest replica to real tags and you choose the tag number. However, the oldest standard Michigan tag offered is a 1944 for $95. However, if you click the custom order button at the top right, explain what you want and show them the picture of what it should look like, they can give you a quote. Hopefully it won't be too excessive since they can then start offering to make 1942 plates for others. To ensure than somebody in the future does not mistake this for a real plate, please engrave "Replica" on the back. Us license plate coll
  2. I doubt you still need an answer 11 year after your question but the correct number for any truck in Kansas for 1929 would be T##-### plus there would be a supplemental small tag which said 1 ton. This would be an embossed plate. I think Kansas issued pairs at that time but you only need one plate for YOM (year of manufacture). Gus Oliver
  3. I understand your frustration about Oklahoma license plate history. However, after many years of research, I wrote a book on the subject. You are correct that they switched to pairs on 1920 but after 1925, they went back to single plates until 1936. In 1936 the front plate had a dash in the middle and the rear plate had an R. I guess that wasn't explicit enough for some people so the next year the front plate had an F and the rear still had the R. By 1938 both plates just had a dash. 1942 was the last year for pairs. For 1943 they used a windshield sticker instead of a metal tab for eve
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