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  1. Thanks for the advice,just need to find one now
  2. i need a 1954 star chief L8 harmonic balancer with 2 pulleys (power steering),mine has a crack thru the keyway. I've looked all over and cant find anything and also people not reponding doesnt help.Any help I would appreciate it.
  3. i found this piece in the coolant passageway when I pulled out the brass diverter tube.I think it was above the tube and when I pulled the tube out it fell down.Does anyone know what this is? it doesnt show in my parts book or shop manual?
  4. i'm rebuilding my '54 straight 8 and was wondering about piston rings.My cast iron pistons seem to be original in very good shape as well as the 3-3/8 bore.Otto has a set of std. stock rings (2) 3/32 comp. rings and (1)3/16 oil ring. However all my pistons appear to have multiple rings in all three grooves?i dont know what all these different rings are? Can I use the Otto standard set without a problem? I've never done this before so I appoligize if this sounds stupid.