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  1. thanx to the excellent directions on Ronnies site I cleared the AC codes and charged up the borderline AC freon charge to the middle of the range. Working like a champ again. Just in time for my IPC to start doing some wonky stuff...
  2. the front upper strut mounts were so bad on mine that they would pop the plastic covers off when exerted over a bump or pothole. Definite ugly clunk.
  3. I drilled mine out...was able save the threads though.
  4. I got the VATS for my Reatta on Ebay...just measure the resistance on the single key I had.
  5. yes seeing the results inspired me to tackle this process next and its a definite eyesore on a high mileage car that sat too much before I acquired it.
  6. replaced the crappy previously replaced aftermarket antenna with a new one, hopefully of better quality. Found the correct adapter (although descriptions didn't make this an easy task) working 100% now...on to the next little project...(hopefully doing the rear lens with the spar coating and other odds and ends before getting to the driver side window motor.,
  7. wow that is disheartening that the tank is being attacked internally like that. Afraid of what I'll find if I ever have to pull mine off.
  8. I've been using the Lucas Ethanol treatment for a while in the older vehicles. They all seem to run smoother with it and I'm not seeing the quick degradation of components like I used to. http://www.fuelsystemguide.com/what-is-the-best-ethanol-fuel-treatment/
  9. Replaced my completely futzed antenna with an aftermarket one....works like a champ!
  10. must be something in the air, my driver side has started to move chaotically up or down just a few mm at a time so I'm the motor is starting to fail. .Gonna test the switch first just to be sure.
  11. really like those wheels, what type are they?
  12. glad to have installed your headlight kits on my car....many thanx for all the help!
  13. when I got my Reatta it had a hood bow on the drivers side and didnt fit well..turned out the drivers side support between the strut tower and the radiator support was on upside down....yes it makes a difference..worth a check anyway.
  14. finished the rebuild on the drivers side headlamp (new crank, screws,nuts and missing bits) Put all the nose covers for the first time since ownership (all of it was in the trunk when I bought the car). Going to pick up the new engine shock today (Old one can be twisted around a 1/4 inch at least)
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