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  1. I'll check. I wrapped it with rubber from an inner tube 43 years ago. Now I am re-restoring my car an trying to get it original. Mine is a bar type.
  2. I bought brushes for my 29 Plymouth from Special Interest Autos: jim@special-interest-autos.com http://www.special-interest-autos.com/ Phone/Fax: 1-800-634-2469
  3. My 1929 Plymouth 4 door sedan has a foot rest for the rear passengers that folds when not used. It is a long rod on two hinges. Did anything typically cover these foot rests, like carpeting or rubber, or were they just painted black. I would like to know because I am re-restoring the car.
  4. Road King, I think that second picture looks like the right one to me. I have an extra brake band for a 29. However, it is clear trhat the previous owner replaced the prop shaft and fabric U-joints, and that has to do with why he removed the emergency brake. I would be curous to know if he put a dual master brake cylinder in. John
  5. I bought the windshield sliders from The Filling Station, www.fillingstation.com ; phone 800-841-6622, cost $59.50 a pair. I bought the windshield weatherstip set from Steele Rubber Products, www.steelrubber.com; 800-544-8665, cost $99.40. This is a very high quality set and they will gladly refund or replace if not satisfied. I had to return the first set and they paid the shipping.
  6. Can anyone tell me which early Chevrolet T-handle crank handles have 3/8 square drives? I am restoring my 1929 Plymouth and it has the same type crank up windshields as many early Chevrolets. The rubber is an exact fit and the Chevrolet windshield side rails only needed minor modification to fit. I need a new crank handle. The small window style handles will not work on mine because there is not enough room beneath the headliner (my fault), so I need to use a T-handle style used on some windshields and some rear windows.
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