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  1. That\k you I will call coker and ask them. Thanks again Roger
  2. Hello I am looking to buy a set of tires for my 1910 Buick size 30x3 CL I've heard story's of cracks after 2 years and wearing out with in 500 miles. Is this the case with all tires of this size. Which brand would be the best . Thanks for the help Roger
  3. Thank You The Buick has a 2 piece headlight fork Thanks But it wouldn't work
  4. Hello WTB a set of 1910 BUICK headlight forks. I think different years would work. They are for a 1910 BUICK mod. 14 Also looking for Corcoran lights for same. Thanks Roger
  5. Looking for a pair of corcoran headlights and side lights for a buick 1910 Please send pictures not looking for a restored set just something to use. Thank You Roger Wells Northern Michigan
  6. Hello Still looking for a set of Corcoran headlights and cowl lights for my 1910 buick. Thanks for any help Roger northern michigan
  7. Hello New I am new to Horseless Carriages and looking for help. I am buying a 1910 buick model 14 . The car has been sitting about sixty years or so in a dry barn, But back in the 50s someone stole the brass headlights , side lamps ,generator and brass windsheld . I would like to find and replace these parts. If there is anyone out there that can help please email me.. History The car has been in the same family from 1910. The family and is giving me a lot of information. My father and I know this car all my life and most of his . The last time it was running was I 1953 or 1956. The moto
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