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  1. hello, i noticed my odometer stopt turning from wheel number 2, the white wheel turns but the rest doesn't, dissasembled the unit, the gearing inside the wheel is broke. any idea where i can get a new set of wheels? or any cars from which it will fit car is a 1965 impala
  2. so how much of the head can i take of before i need a high performance ignition? if i understand correctly you suggest not changing the main bearings etc? i know my engine has a leaky freeze plug and a leaking main seal. if the compression is good just change these out? i now have an original 2bbl rochester varajet, and an orignal 1barrel (1977 camaro) I need to rebuild one of the old carbs or i just buy a new one (not such a huge difference i think. how much do you think it will be getting with the suggested upgrades? thanks for the advice already
  3. it is a 250, will a 250 cam fit for a 292 head? was thinking about following cam:http://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/cca-cl61-233-4/overview/make/chevrolet think this is not too extreme to start of with. this intake manifold: http://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/ofy-5416-lk/overview/make/chevrolet this carb: http://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/hly-0-8007/overview/ and these headers: http://www.cliffordperformance.net/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CP&Product_Code=52-0011&Category_Code=C250 still need to choose an ignition system + does an original fuel pump deliver enough fuel for my needs? what more than rebuilding the engine (new piston rings, bearings etc...) should be done?
  4. you're right but it had this engine in it when it was imported so that is the one on my papers (even the year of construction is wrong on them) but i can't change that anymore so i have to stick with the integrated head, good new might have found a 292 head for 100dollars about 3hours from where i live. any suggestions on cam timing, intake and headers to go with? should i change the valves in the head? looking to get +-200hp, more is welcome but thats my minimal goal.
  5. hello, be thinking of someone sugesting a 350/400 and i apreciate the help but for safety inspections (belgium) i can only stick with the 250 (no matter how much hps its got.) since that is the only choice i have i consider it as a challenge to build a performance 250, as for the disc brakes: i already have some parts, still need to find the time installing... I know a guy who has a machine shop, will ask him today what he think it would cost, my guess between 100 and 300 so i can live with that...
  6. thanks for the link but the problem is these wont fit the integrated head http://www.shop.headsonly.com/GM-CHEVROLET-250-INTEGRATED-REBUILT-CYLINDER-HEAD-GM-250-INTEGRATED.htm thats why i ask if i can mill of the intake and exhaust flush with the head to fit an aftermarket/ custom headers
  7. hello, i have a 250 with integrated head which needs a rebuild, while I'm at it i want to make it a performance rebuild. Car is a 65 impala with a three on the tree gearnox, gearbox will stay the same and car needs to be driveable on the streets, I was thinking of milling the headers of of the integrated head but want to be sure i can still add a custom header after i did it. is there enough room left for mounting bolts or didn't anyone ever gone this far. + extra tips on what parts to use are always welcome.
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