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  1. Riviera? Skylark? GM never just put a complete 2x4 induction setup in the trunk of any car. Factory installed or dealer installed, yes. Need a lot more info. Mark
  2. I believe brocade is the term for a lot of that fabric type used in the 70s. Mark
  3. Haven’t seen these mentioned, but I got a kick out of watching them as a kid. The Lively Set Hot Rods to Hell Mark
  4. The Snap On dealer did not put new handles on the screwdrivers I’d purchased in the 70s. He just replaced them all under warranty. Forgot that my brake spring tool handle had also disintegrated, so he ordered a replacement today. Mark
  5. There’s a service station about a mile from my house. I asked the owner when the SO truck makes his rounds, and talked to him on one his weekly visits. You don’t need to be a pro and he will (or should) talk to you. Mark
  6. Common problem with the older black plastic handles. Mr. Snappy will replace the handles, but he may need to order them. I had these laying around for years now, the new handles are all in this week. Mark
  7. Bruce, You may want sign up at 65GS.com. Plenty of 66 owners post there. A few years ago, enough orders were put together to do a group purchase for 65 dash pads at a decent price. I don’t know what this place would charge for a one-off, but here’s their contact info: Alan Foxx PMI14790 Marina AceEl Paso, TX 79938bourget01@hotmail.com Mark
  8. West, Checking. I’ll post back in a bit. Mark
  9. -16. St. Paul, MN. Below zero or near zero since 2/6. Coldest was -18 Sat night. Nothing too unusual for us. Mark
  10. 0 = 1970 E = May 6 = the day D = daytime shift Mark
  11. John, Bel Air and Biscayne 2 door sedans continued through 1969. I have a 69 Bel Air 2 door sedan. Mark
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