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  1. A friend of mine has a few of those. Lots of the tapes too. He & his dad made reproductions of the plastic gears. I can send you his contact info if you’d like. Mark
  2. Hi Pete, those are Skylark. Randy, highly recommend you join if you’re looking for those. Mark
  3. This link should answer your question. Mark
  4. Dads first new car. The whitewalls must be new, previous photos of the car are all black walls. 6 cyl. 3 speed. Mark
  5. If the car has not sold, I urge you to visit The members there can assist you with anything you need for this car. Good luck! Mark
  6. Hi Pete, If you are not successful with Sign Warehouse, let me know. My wife works at 3M and has access to Di Noc. You should know that there are hundreds of wood grain patterns so a sample of what you’re looking for is a big plus. Unless that isn’t critical for the restoration plan. Keep us posted. Cool project! Mark
  7. Sunday, August 12 at the Land of Lakes GTO club Musclecar Classic. One photo is with my wife, youngest son and mom, 93 years young. Mark
  8. Chester, Many of of us on have used ESPO: Mark
  9. Send your old mounts to Steele Rubber, they can revulcanize them for you. Mark
  10. I started in the auto repair trade right after high school. I had some basic hand tools and needed a box. My first new purchase was a Sears roller and top box, one of the biggest they offered at the time. Paid cash. It was gray & red, the mid 70s colors. Bought it the store on Lake Street in Mpls, a 12 story building. I remember it being brought up on a freight elevator from below the first floor level. Couldn’t have been happier. I planned on filling it with Craftsman tools. I applied several times for a Sears credit card so I could buy sets, not just a few tools at time. Always denied. Where I was working, the tool truck guys were in every week. And gave us credit. Still have all those tools today, mostly Snap On & Mac. Sears started sending me applications for credit after I bought my first house, but never saw a need for them by then. Mark
  11. I’m going through this now. I don’t think you’ll get rid of the smell completely until all the nests and places mice have stored food and traveled inside the car have been cleaned up and wiped down. Found nests in the heater and evaporator box; pulled the floor vents and cleaned out nests in the bottom of both sides of the cowl; there was a nest in one of the openings where a body mount bolts to the cowl - would have never seen it if I hadn’t pulled the left front inner fender out; nests in both sides of the back seat arm rest bases; still have one left to hose out of the frame. So far I’ve pulled out most of the interior, all the heat & AC components and engine/trans to find all the nastiness. All for about 3 years of cheap storage. Had to learn that lesson the hard way. Mark
  12. Went with the second 396 engine option since a good portion was already done. Working on cleaning and painting pieces, the engine will be home in a few weeks.
  13. My Gran Sport was painted this same way. I developed a relationship with a small collision shop who had done a show car or 2 previously for others. He had blocked, jambed and refinished the floors and firewall on the body shell several years before I brought it back for paint. He had the car roughly 20 months. Could not be happier with the results & cost. I have read many horror stories about paint jail, this time it worked out. Mark
  14. Call me crazy, but it looks like the engine is running on that cart! Mark
  15. Your car is looking awesome. Nice work. Mark