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  1. Rear wheel opening trim is different between the Skylark & Chevelle. Mark
  2. The Skylark Gran Sport sitting out in the shop. I don’t think anything was done once on that resto. The paint & upholstery, only because those skilled tasks were done by someone else. Ever lay awake at night wondering why the hell you’re doing this... Mark
  3. We are somehow married to the same woman. Never goes into the shop, but I have leveraged her as the pedal operator when bleeding brakes. And have 3 hobby cars. So no complaints here. Mark
  4. Large S center caps are for some type of Superior brand custom wheels. The single small cap is from an Appliance brand custom wheel. Mark
  5. I’m not a Ford guy, but looks like 65-66 Mustang to me. Mark
  6. You might want to test the waters at Modified 65s are welcome there. One of the members has a 65 Skylark convert very similar to yours but with an LS motor. Very nice car BTW! Mark
  7. MSRA had a large part in making MN #1. Except for those winter months doncha know. Mark
  8. The wheels done for the Skylarks were all painted. Mark
  9. Yes, there was group purchase to recast 64-66 Skylark steering wheels thru the web forum and Koch’s was used. Mark
  10. The frame you are looking for is the same as all 65 Skylark Gran Sport. Also 65 Pontiac a-body convert will interchange. You can go to and scrounge around. There may a frame or 2 available there or join the party and post an ad. Good luck! Mark
  11. No dealer promo I’ve ever seen has a friction motor. Mark
  12. Pic of map attached. This was mailed along with the trailer parking pass. Mark
  13. No need to remove stat or water crossover. The bolts typically come out hard on those. Be careful! Use plenty of WD40 or whatever is your favorite. Just need to remove lower rad hose and 1 heater hose. For a non-AC car. a little RTV (Ultra Black) on the gasket won’t hurt. Mark