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  1. Steve, Jody is one of my best friends. I know the car you describe. It needs a very dedicated owner to put right. I’ve been collecting the 2 door sedan pics myself. Here’s one pic of my Bel Air. Didn’t mean to hijack your thread… Mark
  2. Hi Steve, Not far at all. 4:11 12 bolt and power front discs from a 70 are on it so far. Have a 402 that’s a sort of copy of a 375 hp 396 that’s mostly done, not in the car. Looking for 4 speed parts for it. Have pedals, the floor hump and a floor shift column. Long way to go. The 66 needs to be finished up first! Thanks for asking about it, the plan is a stock/junior stock drag race look from the early 70s. So it has Keystone Kustomags on it now too, 15x4 front, 15x6 back. Mark
  3. ^^^^^This. I used this method on my 66 Impala the past month. Frame design should be pretty close. Not dirt though - mouse nests. And one mouse carcass… frame and rocker panels were cleared with my compressor and a blow gun with plastic hose. A shop vac helps too. Mark
  4. Once the car was backed out, the work was mostly away from all the junk. Nothing much more than holes and anchors for clips fab’d to hold the light fixtures, same deal with the surface mount parts. Mark
  5. I do like me some beer. It’s in my blood, back to my ancestor brewers in Bavaria. Mark
  6. Changed both my garage and shop to LED in 2018/19. Garage is unheated and I live in MN. No issues with them at all so far. Replaced 5 four foot, four tube fluorescent fixtures. Good riddance to them. Mark
  7. Chris, Unfortunately, no separate option codes on a Fremont tag. Mark
  8. Barney, I agree with you that W15 was a code referring to the Gran Sport package. All of the paper sheets I’ve seen from Fremont 65 Gran Sports have it. Mark
  9. Jim, Your Gran Sport is a Fremont built car. C60 is air conditioning. The paper sheet with the hand written codes were in Fremont cars only. I found 2 in my GS. One under the carpet, and one stuffed in the right side bucket seat springs. Great find. If your not a member at 65GS.com, you might consider joining and posting that information to add to 65 GS documentation. Mark
  10. Several friends have US General from Harbor Freight. For home use, they seem to be working fine. A few others have picked up good deals on older Snap On boxes at estate sales. Mark
  11. Assuming you’re asking about rear discs because it already has discs on the front. the 94-96 Impala SS and police package 9C1 have rear discs. You can’t just swap rear ends because the wagon rear is wider. go to www.impalassforum.com there is tons of information there. Mark
  12. And hot rod type music. If you’re into that kind of deal.
  13. I don’t always listen to music when I’m in the garage, but when I do, I try to listen to garage bands. Mark
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