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  1. Anyone having a photo of front brackets for a Dodge 1934? Need to build a pair.
  2. It's quite east tasks. There are some bolts, cables, wires and glow box that you have to release and then the dashboard will be loose.
  3. It would be very helpful if someone knows where I can find a wire diagram for a Dodge 1934 DR.
  4. What size are you looking for? Wire rims or ?
  5. Rare parts have stuff to these, https://shop.rareparts.com/search?year=1934&make=DODGE&model=DELUXE
  6. No I hasn't been successful at all. Mid last week I sent an email to the address you proposed. Not answer yet. Also tried their facebook page, messenger and their website.
  7. I have sent the Shaun an email so I will wait a couple of days for his replay.
  8. I bought them directly from the FCRC site. Was it a long time since had contact with them?
  9. Thanks for the contact info! I bought some front suspension parts to my Dodge -34. It’s Rare product. I understood that they are a reseller for Rare products. Shaun is he running FCRC Machine or what role do he have?
  10. Hi, Anyone having any experience from dealing with FCRC Machine, http://fcrcmachine.com/ Bought some stuff from them, haven't heard anything from them since then.
  11. Thanks for all response! The issue for me is to find a fram living in Sweden. I have after some detective work found a frame from .-35. Would it be possible to find a fram from -36 in US?
  12. Hi, Anyone knowing the difference between car frame from Dodge 1935 v.s Dodge 1936. I have a Dodge -36 coupe. I plan to buy a Dodge frame from -35. Will it fit? I know that font cross member in the front is different but otherwise? Regards, Magnus
  13. Maybe you already solved this. If not it should be driven out by hand. Alternatively you take the not out on the other side if you have done that. Somet time the pin screw comes out at the same time.
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