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  1. It is an aftermarket. I purchased this one and then I found out what was wrong with the original one that was on the TC. Had the original repaired and never used this replacement.
  2. Loveland, Ohio just north of Cincinnati. Location doesn't matter if someone wants to pay postage It can ship anywhere.
  3. I have a turbo charger for sale. $200. e-mail: h.wilson1939@outlook.com
  4. Turbo = $250., Window wipes = $50. Plus shipping. I don't have the trident emblem.
  5. I have the following for sale. The parts are from a 1989 4 Cyl. 8 valve turbo charged TC: , used evaporator,, olished fender well covers, , , 2 door panels. Contact me at: h.wilson@zoomtown.com
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