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  1. Thanks I guess I'm realizing most people really don't care about where it was made; just how they competed with other equal cars at their time.
  2. I am 16 now, I've actually never brought my z any where to have it worked on. It's all been done by me. I simply wanted a trained mechanic to look at it for me to see if they could do anything better (sense I have just learned as I went). I've also owned a 1980 MGB which I sold last summer. Both cars were bought and intended to be sold. The z just stuck with me.
  3. Quick Back Story: My friend Noah (1967 Ford Mustang, 289, 3SPD Auto) and I (1978 Datsun 280Z, L28 straight 6, 5 SPD Manual) ; both bought our cars at age 15. These are our first cars . They are both pretty much original in every aspect. The Mustang still has: original 289 and 3SPD trans, seats, head liner, body. The Datsun still has: origianl l28 and 5SPD trans, seats, head liner, paint, whole road side kit & body. (Thoughs are just the importaint things to me). Now what's the main differences? Well for starters the Datsun is of course foreign. Made in Japan and modern day Nissan. The Mustang is carbuerated, Datsun is EFI. Mustang has drums all the way around, Datsun has disc in front and drums in back. Other than that I can only think of subtle differences, because they are 11 years apart; It would be easier to compare a 240z to a Mustang. So what's the problem? Car rascism. Car rascism is the problem. It sounds funny (which to me it is), but I love all old cars. I think it would just be amazing if all car lovers wether you have a foreign car (to the USA) or a USA made car, can just get along! It was kind of sucky bringing my Datsun to a company where the guy said he works on any classic car; And having him said he won't look at it because it's foreign. What's more ironic is I called the day before and said it was a Datsun and the guy said "Oh sure bring it on up here and we will work on it!" Then when I called the next day a different guy answered and said they won't work on foreign classic cars. As I said before I feel as though the classic car community would be much larger and more creative if everyone accepted eachothers own unique taste in their classic car. Let's be honest if you are reading this you probably have a thing for classic cars; You would'nt want anyone to dis your beauty and your pride and joy! Everyone has a different opinion understandable. But everyone can agree on one thing here. We love classic cars and the history behind them! With all of that said I'm curious what you guys think the about the situation. Here's a video of the Mustang & Datsun reving along with some pictures