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  1. Looking at the diagram you sent me, it shows the turbo. It has two connections. One is at the waste gate ( mine has a silver canister to control the waste gate ) it has the hose connection on it. What hose connects to it and where does it connect to? The second connection on the turbo says "to speed control". Is the "speed control" the cruise control vacuum hold canister and is that where the hose needs to be connected to? thank you for your time and help Skeet
  2. I found that a vacuum hose at the intake by the curve in the manifold just down from the throttle body, broke off and was laying underneath the intake hose going to the turbo, plus there was another one laying down there also. Both of these hoses run back to a T connection that is connected to the cruise control vacuum can. Where do they attach to on your car? My wife is gone for the day and took the digital camera with her. Thanks Skeet
  3. Timing is correct. The problem is I need to know exactly where the hoses connect to. If anyone has a 89 Chrysler Maserati tc, I would appreciate it if they can provide me with this information. The diagram on the firewall is very vague and confusing to me. How many hoses hook up to the pressure outlet fitting on the turbo and where do they go to? How many hoses connect to the wastegate canister and where do they run to? If I have this info, I might get it to run correctly. thanks guys!
  4. I thought that too. So I pulled out the plugs, and turned over the engine with a wrench. Lined the mark on the cam gear to the correct location in line with the cylinder head. After doing this, the top dead center timing mark lined up too. So I believe the cam and crank are in time. Then I warmed up the engine until the cooling fan came on. Unhooked the temperature sensor and set the timing at 12 BTDC. That is what the specs called for. Skeet
  5. See the Blow-Off Valves page for instruction on how to do this. I do not have any thing with a page on how to do any repairs on this car. What instruction page are you talking about? Where may I buy a good repair manual that covet the Chrysler Maserati TC? I would like to get one. It might help me straighten it out. thanks gary
  6. That would be the small black line that comes through the firewall and connects to the intake manifold? Gary
  7. OK guys, I have it running, but I can not obtain a constant idle speed and when I drive it, I no longer feel the turbo boost kick in. It runs like a dog. Any ideas?? Thanks Little Skeet
  8. Found the problem....pressure hose going to turbo had a crack. Car running fine now. Thank you for your help! Gary
  9. If it is the BOV going off, maybe I need to reverse the hoses going to the turbo? If they are on wrong, it would build up pressure and cause the pop, right? thanks gary
  10. car was running ok. then head gasket went out. a friend helping me replace the gasket , unplugged the hoses without marking them. After installing the new head gasket, I could not figure out where the hoses all hooked up to. Plus he broke a couple of the plastic lines in the process. I just got through re-checking the timing and it is correct. I will idle a 1000 rpms and then it makes the popping noise every so often. gary
  11. Sounds like you are having a downpour. I hooked up the hoses according to your information. When I start the engine, the idle jumps up and down and then a small pop accrues. It sounds like a small backfire. Thanks for all of your help gary
  12. what line goes to the silver canister? Thank you for all of your help Gary
  13. There are two connection points on the turbo. One is a silver canister the other is down below it. The two lines out of the firewall are different colors. Which ones go where on your car. I appreciate all the information you are providing. Thanks Gary Little Skeet
  14. I have that diagram. It does not show the two lines that come out of the firewall. The one that goes from the turbo to the controller connects to what line? These are the three hoses that I need to get connected right.Thanks Gary
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