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  1. Hi, I do have the parts catalog, let me know what do you need Feel free to call me 908 9064222
  2. Thank you, I'm planning to start working on the frame of my 1936 Plymouth, hopefully in a month o so. It is good to have reference in what to used, since this is my first time doing this
  3. I used L& R Electronic in Elizabeth, NJ. 9083519384 They rebuild my starter and generator, both came back awesome. They really did an amazing job. Very quick, professional and even were kind enough to take pictures of the whole process. The owner started the business like 30 years ago and have a really good reputation around here. You can see the pictures of my starter in my main project: our 1936 Plymouth.
  4. Thank you for all your input. It's always great to count on your expertise.
  5. Hello everybody, once again I need your knowledgeable advice. What you recommend to protect or prevent further deterioration of old leather?
  6. Hi George, last year I bought a Plymouth 1936, which engine was completely stuck, because was park since 1954 without its spark plugs. Initially I poured home made penetrating oil (50% acetone+50% transmition oil) and eventually I was able to free everything. Unfortunately when I tested compression was to low. The cylinder and its walls were fine, but not the valves. I think I made have be okay with a valve's job, but I decide to rebuilt the whole thing. The rebuilding kid cost me $580 and because I didn't have to bore the engine I was able to clean everything at home. FOr that purpose I built a hot tank (If you want I can send you the pictures)
  7. Hi, I'm restoring a 1936 Plymouth and I know I would need some plating. Can you share the shop's information?
  8. I agree with Larry, a distributor is not hard to rebuild. Either way the person who I mentioned before is Rogelio and own L& R Electronic in Elizabeth, NJ. 9083519384 They rebuild my starter and was an amazing job. Very quick, professional and even was kind enough to take pictures of the whole process.
  9. If you still looking for somebody to rebuild your distributor let me know because I know the right person. He own a business that specialize in rebuilding electrical parts and they did an amazing job with my starter and just gave them my generator to be service. The only issue may be the location, but I don't think will be that much for shipping.
  10. Thank you, finally I got a replacement key. Even the cap isn't original, is at least 60 years old and deserve to be saved.
  11. Thank you, is amazing what you've done in yours.
  12. Hi, Reading about your restoration I noticed that you primed the frame and undercarriage parts. I'm dismantling my 1936 Plymouth and I was planning to use POR15. What do you used?
  13. When I bought the car, I don't got any key with it. Yesterday I sent the door's cylinder to the locksmith and he is doing a replacement for it, hopefully it will fit the ignition too, but the guy said that is not blank for the gas tank cap. Any idea how and where to do a copy. The number in the cylinder is u491.
  14. I started to disassemble the engine accessories and yesterday I sand blasted the cooling fan. I had epoxy primed the body parts. I should do the same with the fan or is better to apply a direct coat of black engine paint. What is better and which black paint is the best option to the engine accessories?
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