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  1. Great show. Close to 1500 Mopar cars there. Met up with Scott and his son around 9:00 am on Sat. Scott has a really nice white TC. He did end up putting the hard top on and did drive through quite a bit of rain coming from Michigan. We had a great day but it was HOT but no rain. There were actually three TCs there. A local gentleman had a nice royal cabernet/ginger (Chrysler turbo automatic) which he had for sale at $12500 $CDN. May take some time to sell at that price. This is the largest Mopar event in Canada and is always the 3rd weekend in Aug. Would highly recommend the 2017 event for anyone within reasonable driving distance. Jim
  2. vonblood Change of plan.I think that I will register and show my car ( at least on Sat ) Will try to get there close to 8:00 am Looking forward to meeting you. Jim
  3. Vonblood and Bob Barrow I am planning to go to Moparfest on Saturday. I will take my car ( 1990 16 valve / red and ginger ) but will not be showing it. I am in Hamilton Ont. only about a 1 hour drive for me but I cannot make it on Sunday (previous plans ) Hope to meet up with you. Weather forecast for Sat. is hot and sunny 31 degrees Celsius. Jim Bird
  4. Just noticed that the driver side front wheel of my 16 valve TC is slightly rubbing against the inner fender liner when turning left. Slight wear is evident on both the fender liner and the tire itself. Presume this means that the struts need to be replaced. Need suggestions re. a source and type of replacement strut to use. Jim Bird
  5. I need to replace the vertical stainless windshield trim on the drivers side of my 1990 TC. A previous owner has made a mess of the trim piece and the windshield corner post. This trim piece now has no rubber molding where it contacts the glass but does have a heavy bead of silicone caulking between the stainless and the glass. In addition some type of hard filler has been applied between the stainless trim and the windshield corner post itself. The corner post and the stainless itself are both heavily scored, probably from some type of sanding process on this hard filler. My intent is to remove this trim piece and then have the corner post professionally refinished. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to remove it. I imagine that this part is available from Larry or Arizona parts??? Is it two pieces (stainless and rubber separately) ??? Will likely have the body shop remove the trim piece but would like to give them some idea of how to do it so that they don't break the windshield. Jim Bird
  6. 206075 is not on this list but is on the post of Jan 14 206075 1990 Oct. 1989 Exotic Red Ginger Tan DOHC
  7. Thanks Reaper1. That sure looks like the correct rad. I am waiting for him to get back to me with dimensions. I had a very similar rad lined up locally (from a Dodge turbo) complete with intercooler, but the core was one inch taller and the filler cap was mounted a little higher with the result that the hood would not close.
  8. Thanks guys for the help. Unfortunately the end caps are not brass but are plastic. They appear to be crimped onto the core with either a gasket or an epoxy sealant. I will contact Turbos Unleashed and will let you know the results.
  9. Thanks Hemi. I knew I could count on a reply from you. I presume that is a Chrysler or Mopar part number?
  10. The rad in my 1990 16 valve is leaking again. I had it repaired some months ago at a local rad shop but now less than a 1000 miles later it is leaking again. The leak is along the seam from the end tank( on the intercooler side ) to the rad core itself. Is this type of leak considered to be repairable? I think that they only re-crimped the seam last time. Can anyone suggest a source for a new rad? Neither Rock Auto nor the Parts Geek list this rad on-line.
  11. My TC--- 206075 1990 10/89 Exotic Red Ginger Tan 16V
  12. Thanks Mark Your wind deflector looks GREAT. Does it fold down or does it not interfere with either of the roofs when they are up?? How effective is it since it appears to be considerably further back than the one on my Fiat ( immediately behind the front seats ) ?? This will probably be a winter project for me while the car is in storage, but I will be contacting Arthur Jordan.
  13. Is there a wind deflector available for our TCs? I have one on my Fiat Spider (mounts behind the seats). My wife loves it because it completely calms the cabin and I would like to put one on my TC if possible. Is there something available commercially or has anyone fabricated their own. The one on my Fiat is a nylon mesh but I have also seen plexiglass on other convertibles
  14. Well I now have five functioning gears on my 5 speed. The problem was bushings, but at the tranny end rather than the gear shift end of the cables.Neither cable had a bushing at the transmission with obviously a lot of slack in the connections. In fact the crossover cable was missing it's clip to hold the cable onto the shift dog. Made new bushings. A 3/4 inch hole saw used on a hard piece of rubber( hockey puck) makes the correct size bushing. Much contortion required to reach these and to disassemble and reassemble but the results are wonderful. Joining the local Italian car club for a winery cruise through the Niagara region this weekend. The Fiat Spider and the Alfa Spider are staying home. Thanks to all for the help !
  15. Hi Bob I am in Hamilton Ont. I too have wondered how many TCs there are in Canada. I was at Mopar Fest in New Hamburg a few weeks ago Literally thousands of Chrysler products but only one TC .I did not meet the owner but the car was from the Niagara region.
  16. Thanks Hemi Found them online and am able to source them right here in Canada
  17. Hemi---Can you clarify the source for the bushing kit for my 16V ?The website for www. DirectAuto.com Shows "no product match"when I enter the info you gave me.
  18. Thanks Hemi I was hoping I would get a reply from you. I will let you know how I make out but it may be 2 or 3 weeks before I can get to this
  19. Have a 1990 16V with only 31000 miles. A joy to drive but the gear box is "sticky" Shifts up or down into 2nd, 3rd or 4th are smooth and easy. First and reverse do not engage as easily and 5th often will not engage. It does help if I move the stick ( in neutral ) to the opposite side before shifting into 1st, 5th or reverse. Is this an adjustment issue with the gear shift itself or is there more involved? If adjustment,-- how is this done?
  20. Don't know if a plastic cap for the fuel tank release lever is available. Pretty easy to make one from a small piece of hardwood ( 1"x1"x1/4" ) Cut a recess in the back of the wood to fit the metal handle. Round the edges, stain it the colour you want, and glue it on. I used a piece of oak door stop. Looks great.
  21. Purchased a 1990 16 valve TC last year. Car is in great shape with less than 35000 miles. The engine runs well but it looks like a P.O.S. because the paint is flaking and peeling off the aluminum valve cover. I have removed the cover. The gasket looks good ( somewhat hard but no breaks ) and should be re-usable. Looking for tips on refinishing. Also is the correct colour scheme red lettering on the black valve cover or just polished letters on the black cover?