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  1. Thanks Hemi and Nile and Reaper for the suggestions. I did lubricate the clutch cable fittings and tightened all the turbo hoses. Did not seem to make much if any difference. Maybe my memory of the acceleration kick is not that good. The car runs well and at 80 plus years I really don't need to get anywhere in a big hurry. Car cruises comfortably and easily at more than legal highway speeds, so I will leave well enough alone and just " Enjoy The Ride" Thanks again and stay safe in these strange times
  2. I have a 1990 16 valve TC that has just under 38000 miles on it. I have had the car for seven years and just love it. However I think the clutch is slipping. The car goes into winter storage every year but back on the road this year it does not seem to accelerate like it used to do. Not that I floor it very often, but now it seems to rev very quickly ( into redline territory ) but without the strong acceleration surge and torque steer that I remember. The build date on the car is October 1989. I have the red TC service manual but that seems to indicate that even the Chrysler dealers at the time could do little in the way of service on the Getrag transmission. Is the clutch throw adjustable? Driving it today it seems that all of the clutch engagement is in the top half of the pedal travel which makes me think that the clutch is not fully engaged. Or maybe this is normal. I have a very good independent transmission shop close to home but before I take the TC in I thought it would be appropriate to get some input from the TC experts in our club. Thanks in advance and to all club members Stay Safe and Stay Healthy Jim Bird
  3. Thanks Hemi and Mathew. Will follow up with hydraulic hose shop Jim Bird
  4. The air on my 1990 16 valve has not functioned since I bought it six years ago. Now I would like to repair and convert it to134a. Parts like compressor, drier, expansion valve and evaporator seem to be readily available from Rock Auto. However the system has leakage from hoses and crimped fittings etc. Can anyone suggest a source for these?
  5. Thanks Hemi. Will order as the accumulator in my 1990 16 valve is still original.
  6. Looked at the above site. They list specs and a list of compatible vehicles but that list does not include our TC. Has anyone checked the specs for compatibility with the TC?
  7. I need to convert the AC on my 1990 16 valve from R12 to 134a. Very interested in what components you are replacing and in others experience in doing this.
  8. Nasty surprise today. A rock through my driver side headlight. Light is still functional but lens is cracked and has hole in it. Can lens be replaced or does the whole unit have to be replaced? Is there a recommended source for necessary parts? Jim Bird 1990 16 valve
  9. Thanks to all My tool kit is missing the gloves, the swiss army knife and the Sterilix bandages .Not too difficult to replace. Also did not realize the screw driver was reversible. BTW the handle on mine is blue. The reality is we are probably never going to use these as they are not exactly high quality tools
  10. Can anyone post a photo of a complete tool kit? I have a tool kit but it is obviously not complete and I don't know what is missing Thanks Jim Bird
  11. Can anyone post a picture of a complete tool kit? My car has a tool kit but it is not complete and I don't know what is missing. Thanks Jim Bird
  12. Are you anywhere near Hamilton Ont? I too have a 1990 16 valve TC (red and ginger) Can't imagine that there are many 16 valves in Canada. Mine has 35000 miles on the odometer, but I have not had it as long as you have yours. I have however been a member of TC America for several years. It is a great source of info and advice for TC owners. Welcome to the club.
  13. I have not bought or sold on BAT but I have watched numerous auctions over the past couple of years and have seen surprising results in both senses. They are always interesting if only for the shear number of mostly knowledgeable comments. There seems to be a very large community that follows BAT. I think the key is good photography and lots of it. You will also need to be prepared to answer promptly to the large volume of questions, comments, etc. that you will generate. If you go this route it will be very interesting to see how one of our favourite vehicles fares. It is not a 16 valve but as you describe it I would think that $5000 is very reachable. Not sure of BAT's rules governing their auctions but in some cases there are reserves in place. Good Luck if you go this route.
  14. I agree with mensaguy. Hemi is an invaluable resource for our club. Along with many others
  15. Thanks to all for the input. Does not look too difficult. Jim Bird
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