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  1. Do you know what year car? Also what parts does it have? Thanks Joe.
  2. I have read all the responses, quite a lot. It sure looks like a Packard head, the it has 3 bolts for the distributor. I have looked at it again, the treads look goo also. I have paid more than that for ford heads, maybe I pay too much. I put it with my Ford V8 parts so maybe it will make those parts better. A lot of car swap meets this season and who knows. If nothing else I may paint it for a wall hanger, it looks to be made very well.
  3. Well, that would kinda make sense, the son said he worked on the old Packards also. I had a friend that moved to Florida last year and I bought alot of his old Packard paper and books. He also built a few of the 30's packards some 20 years ago and sold them both. Thanks I will research that area. I may have a book with this head in there. Thanks for the information.
  4. I was looking for Meyer not Mayer,,,,thanks. That radiator is a piece of work, it does have a tag on the top holding tank (which extends over the top of the fan) . The whole engine looks pretty good. I will look for one of the original carbs. In two weeks I go to a Auto swap meet to sell some of the NOS chevrolet parts. A Model A-T shop is near by and I will get the Model T carb parts just to get it running. I like to have them run for a short time, rather that just short bursts. By that time it will all be serviced, and we will see what happens. Thanks for all your help. I love engines, I have been rebuilding them for some time. A few years back I attended a Tech School and and got a Diesel Certificate type degree. Went to work for a company that had me build Diesel motors. I loved working and building those motors, but they would run on and sometimes take off and keep running until all fuel stops. I would stay with the motors, but others would run for cover. Nothing better.
  5. Well whatever it is, it looks to be in great shape, surface rust only. I will check all the spark plug holes and put a straight edge on it. It does not look like it has had any repairs. I am always amazed at 80+ year old parts. This one may be a good wall hanger, I will have the Model A club over in May, maybe someone there will know the part. Good stuff.
  6. i searched some pictures and that is what it said. Sorry and thanks. It looks to be in good shape, I could not read the old duct tape label. It has distinct round circle on the side of the head, I thought I took pictures of that but may need to do that. Either way I hope some one could use it. thanks again.
  7. I believe this to be a 1930's straight 8 head. Does anyone know how to value this part, I do not need it and want to sell it. This is a 27 bolt, 31 inches long, 7 1/2 inches wide and about 2 1/8 thick, date on the front is 8 31 1930. thanks
  8. I looked up the Carb on this engine, Model T carb, I thought that it might be and the Model NH Holley confirmed it as such. I drained the antifreeze today, I like to clean the inside of the engine and flush things before I crank them up. I also believe the radiator to be Model T also. Some of the parts I got were Model T and kinda fits. Thanks for all the interest and all the help. I have been working and dealing with old cars for over 40 years and I have never met so many helpful people. I have a few parts that I do not know what the fit, How can I ask about them. One is a Flathead Straight 8 head with the date 8 3 1931 on the front of the head. Do I put pictures on the forum and just ask? thanks
  9. I will look the motor over before I try to crank it up, I got a trailer load of NOS Chevrolet parts and other motor with this purchase. I am doing an inventory of those parts. I appreciate any input, these motors are new to me.
  10. I will try to crank it this weekend, It has not been run in a little while. It is a neat little set up, I have not worked on any motors this old. It has a weighted distributor and I feel it should fire off. Thanks for your help.
  11. I think it will run with a carb. Where can I find one? Is Meyers the type of carb? Any info on the motor would help also, I have some old Auto Repair Manuals I will look in there.
  12. Thanks for the help, I just posted pictures also.
  13. I had to buy all or nothing and ended up with a Marmon 34 oil pan part. The owner put that on the pan with marker. It is aluminum and this is the part that extends down from the main block, it seems to have good threads and not broken. It does not have the bottom of the pan, just the 3 to 4 inch piece that goes around the bottom of the block and holds the main seals. I do not need this and it can be yours if you make a fair offer. I can ship it but it may be a large box. I can send you pictures so you know what you are buying. thanks Joe 770-315-6946.
  14. It has been some months since I updated this post. I plan on moving this stand out of my shop and putting in my basement storage. I tried to crank this motor but it did not seem to get spark and of course the carb is not together. After numerous spins it has sat and that turned into months. So, I have lowered the price to $1200 and if you want it email, I don't check this daily so don't be upset if I do not respond quickly. I will trade for Model A parts, I am looking for 1930 roadster quarter panels. Thanks Joe d. This motor turns over and seems to have good compression, not a very big motor so hard to tell. Other motor is missing the conn rods and pistons and sump of the motor. All other parts are there this motor plate looks newer B5R 28359 is on the plate, on the head is OA 403. call me or email you number if interested, Georgia located. 770-315-6946