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  1. I painted my Dodge Brothers suspension parts last April with STEM self etching black primer then because of back problems they were put in a shed as soon as the weather warms up I'm wanting to put a final coat on them. My question is what do I use to clean the parts. I've been told I have to sandblast again (this I don't want to do) and been told to clean with Windex all the parts have been sandblasted and primed with a good primer just clean the dust off and paint its just suspension parts. So just wondering if anyone had this problem and what they did.
  2. 1917 DB Business Car, Finally ready to paint frame have been told gloss black also been told satin black. Does anyone know how Dodge painted the frames and what color was used. Thanks Jim
  3. When did Dodge Brothers start installing grease fittings on the front axle spindles. I have a 1917 frame with a grease zerk about center of the front right axle spindle, on the left side spindle there is no grease hole for a grease fitting. Could this be correct for 1917 a design change?
  4. Thank you I will contact Doug. Information on the early business cars just isn't around anymore. Again thank you Jim
  5. Hello again, my business car has a true touring frame just one flat bar on the bottom of the driver side of the frame, no reinforcing that people tell me the business cars frames are to have. No rear fuel tank lower straps fuel tank under seat. My production date is around June 2, 1917 frame number 159389 the title is dated 1917. The 1918 series started July 1, 1917 so I've been told the title should read 1918. Their is no literature that I can find on the early business cars but date of production. I've been told that dealers made business cars out of touring cars, but Gil Belcher said th
  6. Was wondering if you were going to sell the information you collected on the early Dodge Brothers business cars. Would be very interested, like to know what the earliest frame number you have on the DB business cars are. Have been told mine is not a real business car frame number is to old. Thanks Jim jgdb1919@hotmail.com
  7. looking for 1918 DB left steering knuckle or called spindle (early DB it fits many years). part number E13091 or E13092 I do have some extra parts so can trade or will pay. Thanks Jim
  8. When did Dodge Brothers stop making the one piece cast bell housing with transmission and went to the steel bell housing and separate cast transmission case. My number is 210285 possible early June 1917
  9. I have a early businesscar #159389 production around late May early June 1917. Does your book have any other information?
  10. what paint mfg was Dodgebrothers using in 1917. Someone told me it was PPG but not sure of that?
  11. What paint mfg did Dodgebrothers use in 1917, my production date is first of June 1917, I have a Businesscar
  12. Forgot to add the narrow bearings may have caused your problem on the rubbing in the rear end. I wanted to talk to you about this when I gave you my number.
  13. It's easy? get hold of a old Timken catalog (Timken stopped production of the bearings in the mid 50's) so even given the bearing number might not show up for size. The last catalog that I know of with the information was early 70's. The bearing material is harder than the axle so a old bearing would be the best to measure unless it has spun. I worked for Bearings Inc ( now Applied Industrial Tech)in Medford Oregon for 10 years and spent two years on this subject, RIV Bearings was the only one to have the size I had to buy $3500.00 (a loan my late wife didn't like) min order RIV wasn't sold in
  14. I was told SKF company bought out RIV company so the bearings are RIV call me more to talk about than write about Jim Guenther 803-230-7918
  15. Sorry I'm not sure what I've done with my old paper work. My bearings were Timken so find out the size by the number then go to "RIV" bearings (I think SKF owns them now) they still made the same size, but again this was 30 years ago. My DB's are in storage so I don't have numbers to give you, yes it's time to put them together.
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