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  1. Will be tearing it down and rebuilding it.
  2. Thanks for all the responses guys! Sorry for not posting up sooner, but I bought a '56 322 w/ 2bbl and Dynaflow. Will need to be gone through, but hopefully I can get it in my Buick this winter. Thanks David
  3. Thanks Lamar! Not much to tell about the car at this point. I bought it as it sits and am looking to smooth the rough edges, so to speak. It has the 264/Dynaflow in it right now. I did some research on it and found a few details that the guy I bought it from didn't know (it is riding on Jamco springs) and a few pictures of it's transformation into it's current form around 2011. David
  4. Apparently I can't post a picture from my phone, but while being more than I was looking to spend right now, it is exactly what I would be working towards building with anything else. Let's just say solid lifter cam, tri-power, and comes with 200-4R adapter . Just trying to scrounge up enough funds before somebody else buys it.David
  5. Thanks guys. I have a couple of leads near by. One would really put my Dynaflow to the test, but I am thinking I might be able to get through the season .................. if I don't hammer the throttle. David
  6. Thanks guys! Yep, that is one of my shots . David
  7. Thanks MrEarl, I enjoy taking pictures, it has been my window into the hobby for a couple of years. My '54 has the 264/Dynaflow in it right now. It needs a refresh, but I want to keep the car driveable. That is why I am looking around. Thanks for the heads up, I was not aware of the linkage difference, that will definitely be something to watch out for. Will a '56 Nailhead bolt up with my '54 Dynaflow? Thanks for the link, I might be able to work something out with that. Thanks David
  8. About 4 years, over all it seems to protect it pretty well, but there are spots where the clear just hasn't held up for whatever reason. David
  9. I have been just searching craigslist on work breaks to pass the time, but seeing Jef1956's ad really got me thinking. I am interested in finding a good running 54-56 322ci w/ Dynaflow to swap into my '54 Special. It doesn't need to be super fancy, but I am wanting something to swap in and enjoy. I don't have a huge budget, but let me know what you have and what you want to get for it. Will pay cash or I have a 2006 6.0L LQ4 w/ 4L80E that I was going to use in another project that I would be willing to trade for the right combo. Thanks, David
  10. Thanks John! Yep, it is clear coated steel. It has weathered a bit since one of the previous owners did it. I intend to re-sand, fix some rust and dents, and get some new pin striping, this year. David
  11. Doh! I did not see the second page to this thread last night . Was very interested in the engine/dynaflow combo. David
  12. My name is David and this is my family's 1954 Buick Special. We call it "BuIcky" because that is what my 3yr old daughter calls it. We are looking forward to enjoying it again when spring comes back. It has the 264ci Nailhead w/ Dynaflow and has been lowered with Jamco springs all around. Looking to make some changes to it this year, to fix a few things and make it more family friendly. Thanks, David
  13. Is the 322/Dynaflow available? David
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