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  1. Hi there About 18 months ago I posted on here requesting interested purchasers for a rare 1958 Studebaker Champion with only 74 original miles on the clock. It is for all intents and purposes a brand-new 58 year old Studebaker! The vehicle is now formally listed for sale by online auction at the link below: The vehicle has had very few owners over the years and has a very interesting story. The current owners have owned for more than 23 years and have kept it stored and preserved during this time. An article about the vehicle has just featured in a major New Zealand newspaper and is linked to here; If anybody is interested in this vehicle, please contact me at, by reply to this post or you may contact the auctioneers (Turners Car Auctions New Zealand) directly on +64 6356 1008. If you know of anybody who would be interested in this unique offering, please pass on this post and/or the links contained within. Kind regards, Craig Vanston Studebaker Syndicate Carrol Studebaker - Timaru Visit.pdf NZ Classic Car Article - 2008.pdf Original Registration.pdf
  2. Hi there This rare and unique vehicle is still for offer if anybody is interested or knows of somebody who may be. Attached are two photographs, including one of the speedometer verifying the mere 74 miles it has travelled. Pleased to hear from anybody who may be interested in this unique offering. The best form of contact would be to Regards Craig
  3. To Whom It May Concern The owners of a rare 1958 Studebaker Champion are looking to sell the vehicle and were wondering if any members here would be interested or know of anybody who may be? The vehicle is an absolute one-of-a-kind and incomparable with any restored vehicle. It has original factory plastic on the seats and has done just 75 miles - it is a brand new vehicle with an intriguing back story of a jilted lover which led to the vehicle being stored for the past 57 years. If anybody is interested in purchasing this vehicle, or might know of somebody, would you please respond to Thanking you in advance. Kind regards, A. Studebaker PS: Apologies for intrusion to your forum - I realise it is for vehicles older than the one offered.