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  1. I cleaned the points before I installed them. Not sure what else to check. If time permits, I may stick a bad one back on and try the adjustment procedure to see if that fixes the problems. It seems involved so may just leave well enough alone. I got the regulators used from Curt Schulze. He is on the forum and very helpful.
  2. Believe it or not, I installed the second used regulator and it worked fine. Oh well, on to something else. Randy
  3. Installed a used voltage regulator and tested this morning with exactly the same results. Start the car and the amp meter in the car pegs at +20 and stays there. At idle it drops back to about +5. I have no idea where to go from here. I have another used regulator which I'll install but don't expect it to show anything different. Really frustrated now.
  4. Thanks for all your help guys. Found a replacement regulator and hope it resolves my problem. Randy
  5. My 36 Plymouth needs a new 6v voltage regulator. The kind that is attached to the generator. It is an Autolight model # TC-4301-A. I'm told that there are alternate numbers like VR-100 and GV-100. Appreciate any help you can give me. Randy
  6. Finally back, Took my generator, which has the voltage regular attached, to a repair guy and after testing everything said that I need to replace the voltage regular. Question now is where can I get one. It is an Autolight TC-4301-A 6v + ground. Anyone have one they would like to part with or can give me a hint on where I might find one? Already looked on Ebay. Thanks for your help. Randy
  7. My P2 does have a voltage regulator attached to the generator. I also have a volt meter but not sure where to attach the leads. Do I attach one to the generator output lead and the other to ground?
  8. Thanks for your insights. Replaced the battery but still have the problem. Will drive it for a week or so to charge it to full and see if that helps. If that doesn't fix it will pull the generator and take it to someone that can check it out and repair it.
  9. My Plymouth has a 6v system with a generator. Normally, when I start the car the amp meter goes to a +20 charge for a short time then back to 0. What you would expect. A few days ago, I noticed that while driving, the amp meter is showing a +10 charge and just stays there. If the engine goes to idle, the amp meter goes back to o. Once moving again, amp meter back to +10. Thought it might be a bad cell and had the battery checked out three times yesterday and all checked out o.k. Battery is a three year battery and is 5 years old. Could this be a cell that is going bad but just hasn't t
  10. Thanks for all the good advise. 15 degrees here in Gainesville this morning so think I will just let it warm up a bit in the garage before starting out. Seems like the jute sack might be something to try and in the spring, will remove the heater and clean it up.
  11. I have a 36 Plymouth P2 and want to do something to keep the engine warmer while driving in the Winter. My heater works but the engine doesn't get warm enough on short drives to provide much heat. The engine valve is open. Anyone know what folks did back in the day to deal with this? Thanks, Randy
  12. A friend of mine has a 1918 Va plate for sale that seems to be in pretty good condition. A license plate dealer doesn't need it for his inventory but valued it at around $40. He would sell it for $40 but would probably consider any reasonable offer. Let me know if interested and I can put you in touch with him. Thanks, Randy
  13. Are you saying that you have a pair of skirts for a 36 Plymouth? If so, would like to see pictures. Thanks, Randy
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