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  1. Hello all, Some of you on here may know me, but for the ones that dont, a small introduction is in order. My name is Matt Goist, and I am a student at McPherson College in the Automotive Restoration Program. I am also an active member of the Franklin Club. I recently acquired my first Franklin, a 1931 151 Sedan, through the generosity of a fellow club member, with a promise to get it back on the road. I transported the Franklin out to school in Kansas where I have been working on it in my free time. A lot of the time thus far has been spent sorting out all of the parts I have and coming up with a plan. I recently have been working on fitting the cowl back onto the body, and this is where I am now, almost on, but having some troubles an curiosities in the bottom corners. It almost fits perfectly, but I am not sure if I need to cut out a section of the cowl for the bottom brackets on the wood jut like it is for the door hinges, or if I am missing something. Any advice big or small would be appreciated. Also, and advice in general, not just about the cowl. Thanks Matt Goist