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  1. Weather is finally coming around and I've been able to swap in lowering springs and pop on the new wheels. Before and after shots show what Jamco's 2" drop provides although the springs that came out where way too big. Hoping after alignment the front settles in ! Bill
  2. Rivdrivn-- It'.s funny but the grille is something I looked at and thought the squares was 69 . I'll admit my love affair with the first gen has caused me to not focus enough on all the others and the differences. I will be reading up on it now though ! All --- The price was too right not to buy it , but driving it around this weekend has been an absolute dream. My wife didn't enjoy the 600 mile round trips in my 65 but she feels more comfortable in the 69. She said it just feels safer. Either way , I now have A/C.!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone ! Bill
  3. Hello everyone , There has been an addition to my family. I got a call on Wednesday about a 69 Rivi that was for sale about an hour from home and within 2 hours it was purchased. Ironically my 65 was also purchased in September as well ( 2 years ago ). I wasn't looking for another as I have been slowly getting the 65 to where it needs to be ie: full engine rebuild this past spring and all brakes redone. I've had to shuffle a few things around in the garage but she fits in perfectly. 69 had been sitting in a garage for the past 3 years but had a complete restoration and the only thing I will need to do is drop it back down to a reasonable height , it's sits higher than my son's S10 4X4 , and put some new tires on. Of course full tune and fluid change just to be safe. Bill
  4. I should have been more clear on the subject. I realize it's not a Riv only thing but from September's 11th -13th there is an Autofest in Frankenmuth Michigan with an expected 2500 plus cars supposedly in attendance. I had assumed( we all know what that gets you) it was a fairly big deal that others knew about or had heard of it. I was just wondering if I could expect other Riv's to be in attendance . Sorry for the misunderstanding. Bill
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm getting ready for my first big trip with my car. My friends and I will be making the 7 hour trek to Frankenmuth next week and was hoping to see some Riv's and meet other owners. We plan on being there Friday afternoon right through till Sunday. I am also looking for factory chrome wheels if anyone local might have some for sale! Bill 65 Riviera White with/blue interior.
  6. Is that rope holding the battery down.? The exhaust IMO also looks weird. I may be off base but it seems like a lot of money for details like that to be overlooked. How does the lack of air-conditioning affect pricing on a GS? Bill
  7. Hi Everyone, Since becoming a member, I've been working on the car and have about 400 glorious miles and counting. Since getting it though I've been thinking about some sort of air dam under the front bumper to hide suspension and give it a low slung look. Tonight, while working away I came up with an idea that needs people's opinions. Have a look at the pics although they are not the best. Bill P.S. Some may notice the new skinny whitewalls instead of those big old whites.
  8. Thanks Seafoam65. Although I haven't started to work on the headlights, I just picked up 4 of the relays from my local GM dealer and will have them when ready. FYI--- cost a little over $19.00 Canadian each. Keep up the great work! Bill
  9. Hi again all. Today is a good day because I have received my ROA package with member card and window sticker. Any recommendations on where to locate the sticker on the car? Low on the rear glass and centre or front lower right hand side or????????? Bill
  10. Does anyone know where I can get the knob for the trip odometer? Trunkmatts's is the first car I've seen with one although my experience with Riv's is limited. I believe the pictures of cars in the OPG catalog don't even have them! It's a bugger to turn with my delicate fingers. Lol. Bill
  11. Wow. Love the big whites much better on that beautiful red than on my white car. Bill
  12. Hi Randy. It's about 15min drive southwest of Lindsay Ontario. I'm actually in a small hamlet outside of Little Britain but that is our mailing address. I should add that I'm. 1.5 hours north east of Toronto, Ontario. Btw. Thanks Brian. I'll leave my hubcaps as is after seeing yours. Mine also came off of a 63. Bill
  13. The 65 I presently have and the 63 which was my first.
  14. RIVNIK, Thanks for all the info. I'm looking forward to my ROA sticker and all those mags. I have quite an appetite for reading (especially with the temps this winter and an unheated garage) about anything Buick. I 6never was one to follow the crowd and mostly driven cars/trucks most wouldn't have thought of. My sons Camaro aside , I also have a 76 Buick Skyhawk in the garage which is now on the back burner for the Riviera. When the temps start to rise , I'll be doing a full tune-up with the Petronix upgrade and order up tires. I'll definelty look into the FR380. Cheers, Bill.
  15. Hi all. With temps hovering around 0 F I've had lots of time checking out the forums and already found lots of info on getting ready for spring. I do have a few questions if anyone can help. 1- my car has no seatbelts. Being a delete option, is it noted anywhere like the vintage plate? 2- the wire hubcaps are all chrome but all others I've seen have black centre's. Could they have been stripped? 3-I have a 63 aircleaner. Would this fit the Rochester 4jet? I've set it in but seems to hit the linkages.-Is a Carb spacer an option. 4- the cloth interior is stained( don't want to know how). Any tips on cleaning without ruining them. They are in very good shape. Thanks in advance.! Bill
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