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  1. I swear I saw one on E bay last week.....quite nice. Have you checked there?
  2. Funny you should say Turtle Wax, I love that stuff. About a year ago I bought a quality buffer and several stages of compounds. Did the trick and I purchased a good cover.
  3. My neighbor growing up had a Comet like that, a sky blue color, but a 2 dr. Her son's beat that poor thing and it took it....
  4. If you can visualize a 73 Chevy p/u truck, they had a color my wife calls baby s... yellow. It oxidizes overnight. I thought a clear coat might prevent that?
  5. Guys, if I wanted to do this to an older paint job, is that possible? Would I have to rub it out first.
  6. I love this. I retired from LAPD. When you asked for a back those 383 Belvederes were music to your ears....'68/'69's
  7. The last pic of a Texaco, I worked at that exact style station in 1966. We gave away stainless steel mixing bowl sets with the gas, which was .32 for Sky Chief, which was their premium. Qt of oil .25
  8. HELP! Our 350 truck has always gone through periods of not wanting to run. We bought it new in 73 and it only has 88k miles. A Chevy dealership in about 75 said we needed a fuel pump....no I had just tried that. They insisted, put on the pump and called me to come get my truck. They called back in 5 minutes, "never mind it quit running." That time it turned out the dual tank system hoses were old and would collapse like a straw, preventing gas to pass. For about two years now the right side tank would not give gas to the engine, so I just used the left side. 3 months ago I had all the hoses changed, except the vent hoses on top. The other day she quit running on the fwy in the dark. Scary to say the least. So now if I spray starter fluid in the carb it fires right up...then dies. Anyone have some suggestions? Oh, it has a new gas filter and electronic ignition. I also thought vapor lock, but it has set for 24 hrs now and nothing.
  9. I'm 65 and I listen to an oldies radio station in LA...the oldies they play are from the 80's. Thank god for sat radio.
  10. We all remember what the insurance companies did to our 60's cars. I wonder what premiums one would pay for one of those puppies.
  11. My father-in-law had a 77 Lincoln 2 dr, Cartier (?). It was silver with grey leather. He so wanted one of his kids or grandkids to take it. No one one wanted it. I so regret that now. Believe me the car was cherry. 460 cu in?
  12. You are a good son. That is a beautiful car.
  13. I am so envious of those that have huge properties....
  14. Must be quite rare. I searched thinking "no problem." Not a one.
  15. 69 dart, slant 6, run forever. I was thinking Olds Cutlas, 350 engine, parts galore.
  16. Should anyone be interested there is a very nice Woody car show June 13/14 in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. Tons of all models, free. There is a Chris Craft boat show as well, but there is an admission for that.j
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