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  1. I see that that AACA library has an amazing video on their Youtube Channel for the 1953 Devon PA AACA meet. Wondering if anybody has Photos of the cars? There are Mercers, Simplex, Locomobiles etc. Would be great to see some of the photos too. Michael
  2. Alan, I have a set of six (6). They are 24” and use a 34 x 5” tire. You called me the other day about 27” firestone rims. Michael L.
  3. I’d like to find 7/8” spark plug / primer cup combos. I’d like to outfit a 1910 four cylinder engine and it would be ideal to have four of a kind but realize I likely will have to buy one at a time. Any brand considered but most likely Champion brand are the most attainable. Any help is appreciated . yours very truly, Michael
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. As and interesting counterpoint I put a exhaust heater on a Stutz this summer and noticed that it ran much better as it helped prevent carb freezing. I think the exhaust heater usefulness is likely related to humidity and the temperature (climate) as it relates to the probability of carb freezing. To your point, what exactly about today's fuel that makes running a heater ineffective
  5. Looking for what I believe to be a cast aluminum exhaust manifold air stove to heat the air intake of a schebler carburetor. I am trying to fit it on a 4" diameter exhaust manifold and one could have been used on American LaFrance engines. See photo.
  6. Who had the big brass lights for sale?
  7. Thank you for your kind words Joe, it means a lot. I will add that Peter Fawcett and the team do great work and they are very nice people to work with. They have a good eye for the details and Peter's early cars are always done tastefully with attention to detail.
  8. I think our body was done by Biondi. It is actually a good project with the right 1910 engine, transmission, axles, radiator, column etc...whatever was missing was found or replicated as needed. Not to say that there won't be some odds n' sods missing here and there but I suppose that is to be expected. The picture I used unfortunately does not show the front seat portion of the cast body but it is included with the car. Very few people have actually seen the project in the flesh and I would encourage anybody interested to go and see it in person and survey the inventory. There is only so many cars that can be worked on in this lifetime, and so the decision was made to sell and move on. The price is not firm and I am open to offers. A reasonably priced partial trade will also be considered.
  9. Selling a trunk made in Philadelphia by the S.C. Simon & Co. Luggage company. It is a neat trunk that one could use the hardware from. Smells like a mouse urinal but worth acquiring for the hardware and tags, and measurements to make a new one. Make me an offer.
  10. 1910 Pierce Arrow 36 hp UU Mini-tonneau. Good project with many original parts. Complete Engine, Complete transmission, Front and back axles, fenders, correct steering column, Radiator, Hood, Coil Box, rims, hubs, some brass, correct Hans Fuel Gauge, and many more. Missing parts were replicated as needed. Lots of information included with car that will assist in restoration. Car is located 4 hours north of Hershey in Bouckville, NY. 135k USD Obo. All inquiries welcomed, more information and photos gladly provided. Please contact me (Mi.ch.ael.- Lo.ng.fie.ld) either by email BrassCarMike@gmail.com or phone 905-299-4917. Please no phone calls after 9:00 EST.
  11. You might want to check with Arnold Levin. I think he has a set of 933 without the c...but I don't think it takes much to convert them and likely somebody is making new tags. What year locomobile are you working on? what model?
  12. My hunch is that your lamp actually says 1033C with a bad stamping making the C look like an 0. The C designation is for Combination and that is why you lamp has both kero and electric. I believe the beginning of combination lamps was with the 932c, 933c, 935c in 1910. A great number of people believe the first number of solar lights refers to the year of manufacture, but it really is true and false statement... it is not the catch all statement that many of us rely on. I have a 1910 advertisement for Solar lights with 1078 headlamps but then 932, 933, and 935 sidelights along with 905, and 906 tail lights. (In actuality, there really isn't much different between 932 and 1032, 933 and 1033, 935 and 1035 but just the tag is different.) I do think that the more common Solar head lights have the year incorporated into the model such as 949 and 950 for the 1909 model Solarclipse, but the side lights and tail lights seem to lag a year behind. As in a 1910 car will have headlamps as 1050 with 935 side lights and 906 tail light. There are odd ball lamps that through the theory off too, and that example would be that many Loziers were fitted with 148L Solar headlamps....how would that number fit into the thought that the first number was an indication of the year? It just doesn't so add to the confusion!
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