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  1. Just going to re post this, as i was unable to find anyone so far willing to help me out. I am serious about paying cash.. let me know if your interested, and you can name your price... Thanks
  2. Hi Dave...I left you a voicemail the other day, I was curious if you got it or not.. i noticed it was a shared mailbox. Look forward to hearing back from you.. hope we can work something out, or maybe you know of someone who could take me up on my offer. Thanks again
  3. Anyone in the Cleveland Ohio area that is interested in loaning me and my fiance your car for about an hour on May 16th? I don't want to drive it...well actually i would love to drive it, but that's not what i need. I would just like to take some pictures with the car. Not necessarily inside of it, if that was a problem. We are doing an art deco..20's themed wedding, and i would love to take some black and white photos with a legitimate 20's car.. I have had numerous collectible cars and motorcycles, but have never had anything from that era.. The wedding is on the 16th of may, and it is
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