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  1. Thanks for youre help.....i am sure i can bring this car on the road again, now
  2. Yes on the backside Carter AFB.... i think i can choose 413 or 426 with the carburetor type? Where can i find the carburetor number? No metal tag there.....
  3. I have the real clean number.....2205697......i cleaned up n look again ok its an RB 413 or 426.....where is the different between both engine?! Which Carburetor i had install? Numbers i have found on it 6-1703 and on throttle 7-218 and o-1431 maybe carter?!
  4. http://www.blight.com/~tony/6265/6265faq-numbers.html V41LC820 V =1964 41 = 413 LC= Low Compression 820= 20. August right?! so this must be an originally 413cui.....but the block number don`t listening in those lists.......maybe they replaced the block?! blocknumber 2005867 normally the number must be 2205697 for the 413 or 426 see this list http://www.stockmopar.com/mopar-engine-casting-numbers.html my number isn`t there :-(( VIN-Number 8343..... means ChryslerV8 New Yorker 1964 built in Jefferson Michigan Thx and greetings Uwe
  5. front bumper ist from an 58 imperial rest in an original condition.... sorry for my bad englisch ;-)
  6. thx for the answers, this car is an Barn find, but its running ;-) 4bolt valve cover, dual exhaust, distributor on the back its an LC "Luft Compression" the number 2205867 is on the left side.....
  7. Hello, im new here.....im Uwe from Germany....i collected some US Cars and german Oldtimers.... i have an 1958 Fairlane and a 1979 Camaro and now i have found an 1964 Chrysler New Yorker....original this car must have an 413 cui motor....but the pre owner told me its an 426 or 440 cui....the only motornumder ive found is 2205867 and on top V41 8 20.....can anybody help me?! Best regards and Greetings from Germany Uwe
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