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  1. I see. So now I am left wondering, with the interior seat damage is it worth it?
  2. Sorry. It would have been worth noting that he did state everything on it is original except for the newer paint job and a posy end....which I am unsure of what that is but I am sure someone can fill me in lol
  3. Hello all. New here as you can probably tell already. Right now looking to get some information on a vehicle and you guys seem like the perfect people to ask! A guy near me posted that he has a 1976 Vega Cosworth for sale and I am pretty interested. I have done some reading and whatnot and it seems that in early production of these cars they had quite a few issues which lead to their downfall, sadly. With that being said I am still interested in the car he is selling. Below I will post a link to the actual posting that he made and I have been talking with him for a bit now about it. The only issues (so he says) is the interior. I haven't seen the car in person yet but from the pictures the outside does look pretty good. He tells me that the car is very solid and runs great, frame is very solid as well. With all of that said, do you think that $4,000 for the car is a good deal? I can't link any pictures of the interior because the ones that he has sent me aren't of the greatest quality. HOWEVER, I can tell you that the seats need to be completely redone. The driver seat is torn pretty bad and the passenger seat has a nice gash in it as well. The back seat also has a tear in it. So, is the $4,000 price tag still worth it? This is of course assuming I meet up with him and test drive it and everything is smooth and solid. Link to the actual post is below.... https://flint.craigslist.org/cto/4804051704.html Note: In that post he says $5000 but in a more local post has stated $4000 OBO. So, what do you guys think? Is there anything else I should know? Deal, or no? Thank you guys!!
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