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  1. Yes as I expected as well! Both my Buick's will be set up at the Carlisle Auto show April 22-26! also if not sold before.. Stop by and say hi if you are at the show!
  2. I was told they made most of them in the gold color.. not so many of the green???
  3. Got the wagon on ebay.. wife wants to keep the Regal... but I think it will be up for sale next we will see how this one goes.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Century-Station-Wagon-/231509718582?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  4. I dont know how you guys know all this stuff!! its amazing to me to be able to point these things out!! I am defently not going to do anything to the cars at all! I would leave it up to the buy to do what they want as others have suggested!
  5. my wife says they are light not sure I could weigh them I take it the weight will determine if they are original or not?
  6. Brad, the NADA we looked up also but it doesn't take into consideration the mileage or condition of the car that we could see? its so difficult to compare this car with any other "like" ones as it is so original and amazing. I did see the orange paint also not sure why that would have been done..
  7. Thanks everyone for the input.. they are both 1980 cars.. sorry I missed that! I will have title in hand in two weeks or so as just completed the Penn Dot paper work today with them!! I plan on keeping them original as many have suggested.. We do have all the owners manual jacks original spare tire and If someone knows what the two what I am calling "plastic things are" for I have one for each car that match the color.. Photo is below one the blue one. I do plan to put them both on Ebay once title is in hand.. basically as others have stated the value is only truly known when the hammer hits the block! As I well know when purchasing and reselling all the time!
  8. Thanks for the replies! I thought the same thing with the Wagon as not being to much of a collector piece, however I recently found out just 30 min from me that the Hershey antique auto museum are looking for Wagons for a display in May! http://www.aacamuseum.org/family-affair-station-wagons/ and it seem I have actually had more interest in the wagon then the Regal. I do think both cars would look better with some sporty rims on them but I hate to change what these cars have been blessed with by keeping it in original condition! I also have the Carlisle Auto show 15min from me so I am lucky to have these outlets close but hate to wait to put them there as I am paying to keep them in another storage facility to maintain there condition. Once I get the titles back I will be trying to locate a local garage to go over them in detail to see if what John s in penna stated is true as I have heard the same thing I do know the guy would come every other month and run them and look over them and as far as I can see the engine belts hose are so clean and look new and do not feel as if they are old and brittle etc. .. as well as I have a small trailer full of original parts that he has been stocking up for what ever reason.. I know its difficult to get an estimate on value with out seeing in person but just what I have seen others selling ones with 30k in millage and not original condition they are asking $8900 and we are thinking we could get 10K to 15K for them. also the under body has just not rust and looks brand new it really just amazing to me! Thanks for any and all input!
  9. Yeah Mud! The great thing was they were covered during the auction and didn't know anything about what was under the cover!
  10. Good day everyone! I am looking for some help with two Buicks I purchased at a storage unit auction! First one is a Buick Regal with just over 6,000 original miles!!! and a second is a Buick Century Wagon rare green color with just over 7,000 miles!! I have been told they didnt make to many green ones! I am looking to try and find a value of these two, they both run like brand new and do not leak a drop of anything!! they must have been garage kept from 1980! I would like these to go to a great home and maybe someone who will take them to shows! Looking for buyers/offers and or someone to appraise them for me!
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