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  1. Telriv. What MH unit are you referring to? Do you a link or part number?
  2. I may have found an extra set of wheels for me for different cruise nights just in case I want to switch it up. Will these work with original drums on my 63 Riv ? 14x7 universal 5 lug
  3. Crap.. Anyone threads of someone building/working on one before? Thanks
  4. Interesting... Please don't judge my engine bay. I'm just now getting to work on it. Kids tie up too much time.
  5. What is this... Contraption on the passenger side inner fender. This is the best picture I have of it at the moment. Thanks.
  6. I guess I have this over priced. This is what I paid for it. I was just trying to get my money back. What should I price this out to Fellas. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I have more pics. Just DM me. Thanks
  8. I bought this Riviera earlier this year and I don't have time for it. Come take it off my hands. 3000obo. Car runs and drives. New brakes. Previous owner said he had it on the streets 3 month prior to me buying it. Only thing missing is the front windshield. Bumpers and trim are off for paint. Interior is out for floor repair. Solid floors now and solid trunk. Minor rust issues. It's a great buy. She needs a new home. I'm in the Dallas area. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks for the replies and info. All that was soaked up like a sponge. I gotta figure out a game plan. For sure. Time to thrash She runs and drives. Well, she fired right up and got on and off the trailer by herself. The previous owner pulled all the trim off and kept everything. And labeled each piece with most of the screws. Interior is decent except for one rear seat back. I'm excited they look so cool just parked. Almost like they are leaning forward and ready to go.
  10. My name is Paul and I'm out of the Dallas area. And struck deal with a guy in Houston for my new project. Previous owner started rust repair. So it's in pieces. Engine runs and tranny moves the car. Not sure how well. lol I'm new to the Rivi game. So. If there's anybody helpful in the Dallas area. PM me. Once I figure out how to post pics I'll do that. Time to get to work.