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  1. We can make anything from 1 part to millions. Part of this is figuring out how to make this a good deal for all. If I make one part for someone here I could sell 5 more to someone else that has the same part. I know there are going to be instances where there may only be that one part and one part only. We have had people pay the premium on a part that they cannot get, for example we made some parts for a German Car from the 30's, I believe it was, That there was absolutly no parts for that car left, or at least very little. Now when it comes to making your own springs it is possible with many hand tools. There can be a certain unreliability to doing that. I am not saying dont do it but I would watch the aplication for what you are making a part by hand
  2. You can get pretempered wire up to about 0.750, Over that is another story. For example Suspesnsion springs are coiled hot and then hardened off the coiler, to give them their temper
  3. We are in the process here looking into how we would do this. I should have an Idea within the next week or so and then I will be able to get back to everyone that is looking for parts. This seems to be something that people are interested in. Any more questions or requests please let me know.
  4. Most springs are made with pretempered wire. You can still make them out of untempered wire and have them hardend. The pretempered wire is more uniform in its strength. We are working on making some videos for our website that I am redoing that will show how it is done. Once I have the new site up I will let you know so you can check it out
  5. Well that can happen if things are not made properly. We have the ability to make parts to the factory load. If the factory load is not correct we can always make them a little stronger. We are a manufacture that strives to meet and exceed customer expectations, we do this by being more focused on the Customer service aspect of it than anything else
  6. I have met some guys from Lee, they are a great bunch of guys.
  7. We make some parts for a couple early ford places, and that is where we kinda got the idea. It seems you can find parts for Muscle cars, highly sought after ford and chevy, but not many for some of the other cars that are out their that are just as nice as the others. There may not be anything in this but I think it is something worth a shot and maybe be able to help some people looking for some parts they cant find.
  8. That is a great Idea. That would be a way for us to get the basic dimensions off the spring and then the rest is just math to figure the rate and load. I will have to work out the logistics to be able to get the parts to me and then sending new parts back would not be a problem. I am sure if I did something like this I may have a lot of parts coming in so I would have to limit the amount of springs coming in so I could turn the rest first. Then I would stock parts and be able to sell them off the self for the specific make and model, or as most go the range of models that that same part fits.
  9. For example. Just looking through ebay with a very generic search. I found hood springs from various 50's and 60's era cars. Most of which looked like the picture I provided. And ranged from anywhere from 11.00 up to 50 dollars. Would someone rather have one that looks like the picture or one that is built to match the factory specs and I mean all the factory specs, or use something like this.
  10. Suspension springs are not what we are looking at doing. We are looking at the smaller stuff that seems to not be available any more. More along the lines of hood springs, clutch springs, and etc. Curti Lee spring Does more stock spring manufacturing. We build springs to a customer blue print or to a sample someone may have. I know that making one off parts can be very expensive that is why I am looking to make some of the springs that are hard to find that lots of people are looking for. That way it is not as costly as making a one off. And Bob this is our day job we have been doing this since my Great grandfather started the company in 1947, I am a fourth Generation Spring maker.
  11. well Just for example we have been manufacturing springs in ohio since 1947, We make parts for some of the largest Companies in the country from tractors to big rigs. We have made some auto springs before. This is not something we are new to just trying to expand the realm of business, and meeting a demand, if there is one, for hard to find parts. It is posiible to make exact to the mark duplicates, we do this on a daily basis.
  12. I couldn't seem to find a better place to ask so I figured I would ask here. First I am a Manufacture of springs, and we have been getting more and more requests for springs for classic autos. We would like to be able to fill these request better than we are now. So my question is how hard is it to find a spring for a restore project and I am sure that a replication part is better than one that is close enough to work but is not made for the aplication it is being used for. Any input would be helpful.
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