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  1. They are only in Melbourne australia
  2. A flywheel ring gear for a 1921 Maxwell is obtainable from- AUTO SURPLUS 35 Rooks road Mitcham Victoria 3132 Australia telephone +6139873 3566 fax +61398741485 Email sales@autosurplus.com.au
  3. The Chrysler model 58 uses a dry clutch .I will ring a dealer in Melbourne and Adelaide and see if they have got any spare ring gears for a 1921 Maxwell. Will let know you how I go . thanks steven
  4. If 1926 Chrysler model 58 are the same I have got at least 1 .I have also got also a spare ring gear .the only problem I am from Australia and freight could be a bit pricey .The ring gear will always where out first because the starter drive is made of a harder material plus also if it is the same as the 1926 Chrysler model 58 the starter spins before it engages in the ring gear.I have already had to replace one on my 1926 Chrysler 58 . IT only lasted 33000 miles.
  5. You can contact at email-slovell277@gmail.com phone 82585264 mob 0447787095 hope to hear from you soon,best to contact me most nights after 4.00pm thamks
  6. The maxwell cars did not run an oil filter,it is possible of 1924/30 appox early chrysler 6 clyinder cars
  7. I am in the Chrysler restorers club (South Australia )branch. I have a 1925-6 Chrysler 58 model TJR body.The door hinges would not be the easy to make and I think Holden used a door hinge very similar. I don't know if I have got any spare hinges
  8. Where in Adelaide are you as I also live in Adelaide at gulf view hieghts . I have a 1925-6 chrysler 58 model it was restored about 28 years ago and it is still going but the engine has being rebuilt a second time .It has done 50000 miles since restored 28 years ago.It is basically the same engine as the 1924-5 maxwell
  9. The correct fan belt is B34 if it is the same as 1926 chrysler 58 I also have a 1926 chrysler 58 instruction book second edition dated august 1925 This is an orginal book
  10. I do have spare sterring parts which is a gemmer 75
  11. I am from Australia an I have 1926 Chrysler 58 with has got the same steering box. When I got my steering box rebuilt I could not get new bearing because they are not made any more,so had to get them rebuilt Penrite oil will be able to tell what oil to use usa website is www.3pconnect.com phone [909]476-6068 or try the Australian website www.penrite.com.au hope this helps
  12. In Australia there is a 1918 N.A.B. 27 Litre V12 Top speed is 150mph with only rear wheel brakes The car last I heard was at Binalong motor museum
  13. There was a 1925chrysler speedster in Perth western Australia about 10 years ago and it could do over 100 mph plus it had twin ball and ball carbs
  14. on the 4 clyinder the engine no is on left hand side of the block by the water inlet
  15. Hi I am from Australia most of the aust body have the fedco plate on the left hand chassis rail by the front rear spring hanger
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