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  1. That's for my Dad to determine, I'm trying to help him get some information about his car. He doesn't use a computer or have one but I will show him all this when I see him next month. I appreciate all the feedback, he wanted to get some information and opinions about the cars value and I appreciate all the feedback.
  2. Some better pictures and a up close of the radiator. Hope this helps
  3. Currently waiting on my Dad to take a few pictures of the radiator or something else that would distinguish the car but from what I've seen posted I'm thinking its not a Beauty-Six. This is from the paper from back when my Dad was 19. The article has it kinda wrong, the second car was my Dad's Cadillac and the previous owner was the head chef at the Waldorf Astoria. They call the car a Waldorf Astoria. Wish he still had the Cadillac. Auburn article.PDF
  4. Is there something he can look for to see if the engine is in fact a 6-51?
  5. He is going to see if he can find any casting dates but nothing has been changed other than the paint back in the 50's
  6. My Dad says he has all the original bows and he isn't sure if it was repainted the original color.
  7. The car is correct and original. It was painted back in the 50's but nothing else. Been in a heated garage with a cover over her.
  8. Thanks, I wish he still had his 31 Cadillac, now that was a sweet car. Took a old girlfriend to a prom in. But that was sold long ago now. I'll post over there and see if anyone can help. Thanks
  9. Some additional pictures This are not the best pictures. My Dad doesn't have a computer or a digital camera so its take pictures and send them to me to put on here.
  10. Fixed top and that's the name my Father called it too, California top. The pictures are a bit fuzzy, my Dad isn't the best with cameras and computers. I'm going to see what I can do to get some other pictures up, he's in upstate NY with the car and I'm in Florida so its not easy sometimes. The car was painted back in 54 or 55 but beside that not much else has been done to it. He used to take it to shows when I was a kid but hasn't done much beside run it every so often since. Thanks
  11. It's my Fathers and used to be my Grandfathers. It's been in a heated garage for the last 40 years that I know of, has around 19,000 miles and runs. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Dan